The Next BIG Step for No Prep Kings – No Prep News Episode 112

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  1. Just about every track in the country and a few out of the country are trying to get a NPK event after the success of this year's season and trust me Sam is not going to leave money on the table!

  2. NPK will change some rules on weight to get people closer to beating Ryan because if he dominates again next year they will lose viewers people don't want to see the same guy winning all the time

  3. Great chat . I can't wait for next season of npk. I think it will be the best yet .
    I think.the street guys mostly want to go to the track . Safer and more money.
    See you guys Monday night

  4. h
    Hopefully the tracks add more food vendors. I went to 3 races and after waiting an 1 hour and a 1/2 in lines for food I saw a lot of angry people and some who left to get food, and on really hot days standing in long lines to get something to drink is dangerous. The Bradenton race was so packed full of people 1 food vendor on each side of the track isn't going to be enough. Cordova was even worse with the food vendors with a smaller crowd, Hebron Ohio was the best of the 3 they had a large crowd but the lines weren't as bad.

  5. Dig or die Christmas bash was Friday and Saturday at Rockingham.
    Not a complete "desert" for no prep.
    NPK adding 2 more events will have a couple of effects in my opinion.
    It will add to "footprint" perhaps, bringing NPK to new venues. Or maybe to places they visited in the past. It will also add to travel costs for all competitors. Which may reduce how many competitors will have a shot to win it all. I don't know if, since it is a tv show, if everyone is a paid actor or not. Fuel hasn't gotten any cheaper. So that is another factor that affects everybody.
    The "street active" street racers will always street race. The hustle is hard to resist. If, for the no prep series they have a dedicated car it makes sense. The drivetrains I'm seeing in NPK specific cars are way more purpose built than any street race cars I'm familiar with. If you watch some teams utube channels, they are doing serious maintainance schedules.
    X amount of passes, and specific components are changed. Regardless of condition.
    Yes, thats how you win.
    Remember that drag racing is for people who love hard work and hate money.
    I'm living that life.
    Wouldn't change it for anything.

  6. The thing with the money is. That if the ticket prices are too high. Then they price themselves out. Same as NHRA has with high priced tickets.

  7. Hey sim this one was really interesting I think the changes will have to do with weight just to equaliiz the field or else Ryan will run away with another one. Even Justin car that ran close to Ryan's is 100 to 150 pounds heavier besides the weight they need to tighten up on them rules so there won't be as much drama. As far as times I don't think we need to see there time if it wasn't for the weight restrictions we'd have alot closer races just saying πŸ˜‰ I'm ok with change as long as they don't turn it into some form of nhra event I mean we already have the camaros swarming npk now don't get me wrong I love me a camaro but dag c.mon now πŸ˜‰ that's why I lived Justin's car prenup cause it was different from everybody else. Adding more races just keeps that money rolling in for pilgrim which it looks like there banking on. As always sim keep up the awesome work let's go ttve

  8. Thanks for keeping us updated as always Sim, I appreciate you TTVE πŸπŸπŸπŸπŸπŸ‘πŸ˜ŽβœŒοΈ

  9. 17 or 19 races is a racing program. Only difference is there is no sanctioning body. I chuckle at times because they have rules but don't seem to want to follow them. It shouldn't require a protest for whoever is running the event to enforce the rules. Make no mistake, these are professional racers who choose to run on an unprepped track. To run no prep at this level and run on the street you need two cars. To much has to be changed to go back and forth. Right now I am watching to see what happens to small tire events as there seems to be more money coming into that. Speaking of, have you seen the amount of money in big bracket events now.

  10. I believe npk will eventually become a more like pdra but with the main guy's being the npk guys and the other stuff at npk be like the local sportsman series on the npk tour

  11. #TTVE Another great No Prep Episode! With NPK continuing to expand and it appears that the Streets are calling for the same, you would think that drivers are going to have to commit to one scene or the other. If this is the case, it will open the door to new drivers in both types of racing.

  12. Sim, I think after this season most street guys will have a NPk only car to race.
    They will tune and keep there street cars ready to go at home. With the new schedule for Street Outlaws and NPK they will not be competitive at either or seasons if they don't. They allready get no sleep, let alone time to switch a car back in forth to race all year.

  13. Something I noticed about them running the Street show & npk show. The driver's who have done well on NPK, seem to all have a back ground in track racing. Most of the 405's heavy hitters Chief, Dave, Shawn, Monza are known street racer's. The street is where they kill it, an then they tend to struggle at the track. The flip side, several of the top drivers in NPK struggle on the Street's, an some have 0 experience on the street. I'd love to see some of those sh!t talker's from NPK's. The one's that bad mouth the 405's driver's, minus Ryan ofcourse, lol. I bet they talk real different, if they had to line up with them in the street's! I Love the channel Sim, keep killin it brother #TTVE !!!!

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