The End of The Street Filming’s – Street Race Talk Episode 347

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  1. Dude $160 180 mph 660 ft I mean it was only a matter of time look at all the wrecks we've had up until now just think about it Big Chief kamikaze Shane doc Monza and even JJ and Tricia and precious

  2. The next filming will be another season of the og 405 show followed by the America's List and they will start in November Slim. This schedule will get pushed back if there's a problem with getting roads lined up for the shows.

  3. I've had enough of JJ crying poor mouth that he doesn't have any money and everyone else is dumping thousands into their cars and he can't, and that's what his show last week was all about, just another shot at making his followers think he's just a poor reg guy like them.

  4. They have stop racing on that road. It is too iffy. With the sand on that road you can't put power to it. Which is why JJ likes it

  5. People are tired of JJ. You have to turn your captions on to understand what any of Memphis is saying. And jou kan betta beliee dat..JJ is a 🤡

  6. Hey sim thoughts and prayers 🙏 . Looking forward towards seeing Shawn's build and checking out the rating for it as always keep up the awesome work let's go 💪 💯

  7. I am so glad you didn’t go into any detail. The things that I have heard so far about the accident are absolutely gutwrenching and hard to comprehend, I don’t wanna hear anymore. Ryan was One of those racers that it would be very hard to find someone that had any disagreements with him, he was more than just a good racer.. he was obviously a good man.

  8. Has sim done a pod cast about jj's build yet ? I thought it was an embarrassment to street outlaws . Shows just how dumb he is and how pilgram clearly thinks we are stupid

  9. Let's recap. First build, Ryan Martin buys a $70K plus Pro Touring Chevelle. Tears it apart. Puts another $70K into it. Bought engine, bought transmission. Has Lutz do all the fab work and there it is. Just how we used to make them. Build #2. Kye Kelly spends $50K on parts before he decides to dig out his old street/race car. Does kind of a frame off including opening up those inner fender wells for the 29 inch tire. A little closer to what I would expect in a build, but that rear end I'm guessing was probably $3K or $4K .Just a little over kill. They really needed to put these guys on a budget. Build #3, Axe Man. Very creative and very down home family style. The car is unique but unless it changes a lot it can't compete with one or two, especially two. Build #4, JJ. A lot of people hate JJ. That's OK, but he did exactly what I thought he would do. Found a 1967 Nova and built a street car. Nothing flashy but it is a good looking car painted. Is the engine the same one we saw going in it, Hell No. They may have built that other small block for the show but he never even looked at the cam. But so what. He's got half of what Ryan Martin has in his car before he tore it apart. Build #5 coming up. The Donk. If what JJ's Nova did to those Donks at the track is typical, It's all over. Most of them said they wanted to keep these cars so I understand how some of the builds went. If your in the market, keep your eyes open. I'm betting that little Nova of JJ's will be on the market withing a year.

  10. Tough lose, thoughts and prayers to his family. JJ is nothing but a used car salesman. A lot of BS with any thing JJ does. I believe he thinks the viewers are stupid.

  11. Who cares if you like JJ or not… he is who he is, he talks how he talks all reality style tv shows all have at least one person who bitches they need money for bills or what not. Its just how they produce it. He is probably a really nice guy. I think he’s cool and enjoy watching him.

  12. The jj episode was crap there wasn't a rule about what engine to use but to spend 2 hours filling jj building a junk small block was an insult to car people. And speaking of rules since they didn't show any of the suspension work being done on his car how does the fans of the show know it's within the rules.

  13. As a fellow street/no prep racer myself we all no that when u buckle in that car and go the speeds we go it could be the last time. Why do.we do it? Cause we love it and it's in our blood. Did Ryan no that it could happen? Absolutely. But he did it cause he loved it and if u would have ask him would he quit if he new he was going to die doing it he would have said hell no. It was his passion. As most racers that do this stuff we all no it a possibility that this could happen. But we still do it anyway. RIP Ryan

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