Street outlaws No prep kings; Tulsa. Live. Invitationals Round 1

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  1. Mr upshift. Thank you for the videos brother. More importantly thank you for your Humanity, you're a great human being, you have no disrespect for anybody, you're pretty respectful to everybody and everything that you do is respect. So I'm sending love and respect back to you brother. Thank you you do a good job

  2. How much does NPK, pay you to go around and put out these teaser videos. And by teaser I don't mean anything negative, I just mean it's not the whole show, you don't feel certain things like they do, which is respectful, but it's a little suspicious, you're a little too respectful to them, so in my opinion it looks like you might be working for them and it's okay if you are. If you are congratulations I'm just curious are you working for NPK or did you do these videos in this channel literally on your own and you actually are rich enough to follow them all over the country to put out these videos. If you're that rich then that's great congratulations. But I'm just curious about you, let's do a video on you let's have a podcast with you you want to come on my podcast

  3. I'd ask people that if they like this video to please hit the like button don't ask him as they come in they haven't seen the video how do they know if they like the video yet? Plus it kind of looks like that's all you care about is the likes. I think if you said something like this,, thank you for watching folks and after, at the end of the video, if you liked the video, please let me know by hitting the like button, and if you really liked it a lot share it with your friends. Something like that would be better than hit the like button on the way in, I'm just saying I might get a better result

  4. Brother man, I just want to give you a great tip for something that's a good drink in that hot heat. I do Gatorade zero, or Powerade Zero. There's no sugar in it and there's no saccharine in it, and it doesn't taste like a diet taste like that nasty taste of a diet soda like that has no sugar, it actually tastes pretty sweet for some reason I don't know. I do the purple kind or the Gatorade pink it's really good and it's great for you, as it has electrolytes in it that you need Etc

  5. That's right you'll always get good service when you're up in New England baby. I live right next to New Hampshire in a small state called Vermont. And no I'm not a liberal

  6. Brody Melton, Adam Jennings, Cody Baker, James Strange, Doc, John Odom, dominator, Bobby D, Larry Larson, Dean Karns, Chuck, Brandon James, Birdman, reaper, monza, Shawn wilhoit, b-rad, boddie Sr and jr, Giuseppe gentile, Jim howe, tony mckinney, david gates, dave adkins, Mike murillo. Thats 25 invitational drivers who are ducks and are the reason Ryan is able to dominate. The rest are the fastest 405 guys which take dives for Ryan and the others think they can compete but everytime they line up they get the gap. I bet Ryan could still be driving the red car and still be dominate. 25 drivers named that dont belong and could bring 25 actual racers in and this 405 gaming would not matter. This isnt drag racing, its just a show for fans that didnt watch drag racing and dont understand what's truly going on. Its reality TV people or trur racers would be there and the pot would not be what it is cause they cant control the outcome and keep the money in the production team. You get a true team in there pilgrim would be owned by a Jason Scruggs, Stevie fast, Frankie taylor, Tommy Franklin even if they let these 4 teams in Ryan may be able to finish 5th. Remember they made Larson build a new car because he was to competitive in his truck. I know there are plenty more names I left out of the duck pack. Thats just to show you just how many shit shows there are. Jeff clutz is another duck even with his outlaw pro mod gto, Murder nova hasnt been doing anything but quacking for Ryan. Chuck 55 is another one. I dont not like these guys just pointing out the fact they domt let competitive racers and cars in so Ryan looks unbeatable and they can walk around beating there chest.

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