Street outlaws No prep kings Tulsa Final: Justin Swanstrom vs Lizzy Musi


  1. Way to go swangang. The car was flyin. Big country got her tuned up. Congratulations on the win. You definitely deserve it. I am pulling for you.

  2. Man i even said it in a comment yesterday that justin was going to be in the finals justin definitely rolling mid 3.7s

  3. Woo hoo….love the swan gang. And the hulk is looking and sounding awesome….well done Justin…hard work has paid off….what a team

  4. I've seen elsewhere people saying Justin backed into this win because Lizzy got loose–BS–this is NO PREP–part of the deal is getting down the track, on this day lil/big Country did it better then the rest–an earned win!

  5. Why do all these raceways allow all the racers and their crew to stand at starting line seems dumb to me people are there to see cars race not crowd around starting line

  6. So Justin said when he got this new setup together a week or so ago he said if things go right that he would win and win a lot. Nothing like calling ur shot and shutting everyone up. Hell ya been swangang subscriber since the beginning

  7. First off congratulations to all of the swan gang team. Now as far as saying Lizzy had to lift. Of course she did it is a track without treatment. If you think that that blower motor doesn't have more sauce left in it you are gravely mistaken. It's all about power management and the swan gang are getting a handle on it I would not be surprised for them to get a few more wins this season. WAAP WAAP

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