So the street car rivalry between Billy and I is starting to really heat up. Tony Politano and Tess have been stirring the pot, and you’ll see that action on Street Racing Channel! Let’s just say, I’ve got to start leaning on the Malibu if I want to stay competitive! PLUS! Miss Vicki gives out the DETAILS for what’s going down THIS WEEKEND!


  1. Bill why haven't you already invested in a old refrigerator, and a mother bottle to refill your own bottles.
    You'd have saved a large fortune by now.
    Both boys ran nos foragoodwhile, and now you're on the spray.
    With a Mopar soon to follow whenever she gets her dad , and Tommie to finish up hopefully before the season is over in Ohio.
    You'd be many dollars ahead, and not too mention the amount of fuel y'all have burned going to get it.
    Add in a top notch tire machine setup for the different alloys that y'all have for wheels y'all would be ahead there too..
    Because I am sure they're not changing all the slicks the boys chewup for free down at the speed shop.
    Plus isn't it cheaper to order the slicks online and have them delivered straight to the shop at the house cheaper than all the driving y'all do
    Just a thought on ways to save a few dollars every chance you can.
    But it's none of my business how anyone chooses to spend their money, and maybe I'm just cheap.

  2. Bill Carburetor Q 4 U – You mentioned the Malibu is a little over carbureted. Are you observing a vacuum gauge at the top end to determine this or something else?
    Also what size carb are you currently using?
    If your current carb doesn't have Annular boosters is that something you would move to in order to launch a little harder and help quicken the engine recovery from the rpm loss at gear change?
    (You obviously know the pitfalls of that transmissions gear ratios)

  3. Bill I'm like you I don't particularly like LS motors. I like making people wish they had a small block Chevy instead of a LS. But you do have to say that an LS does have its advantages. But I'm not trying to post a comparison. I love what you guys are doing. I would love to do what you guys do I just don't have enough computer skills needed to do the filming and editing and posting. I'm going to stick with what I'm best at and it's not computers. Lol

  4. @ 15 . 25 sooo far hereeee………. all this time u never mentioned if u stay'd w/ all steel drive shaft…… or did u up=grade to all or partial alumn., or what……………??? & will u change over to all alumn driveshaft @ some point……………???? if u did switch will it make any real differance time wise on the street / race track……….. ALSO Guessing tommy is still on all factory steel driveshaft in his mustang……….????? or what's he planning to do driveshaft wise in good time……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WITH U ALL GETTING FASTER & FASTER ON THE STREET / RACE TRACK WE ALL OUT HERE IN SUB WORLD OF ALL YOUR FAMILY U-TUBE CHANNEL'S DEFANTLY SAY A PRAYER NO ONE WRECK'S OR ROLL'S THE RIDES AT ANY TIME / PLACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL THE TIME !!!!

  5. WE ALL BEEN WONDERING HERE AS SUB'S..,…. how far / close is the ky., water flooding to your merch maker down there……??? great to finally knowing here many prayers to all of every one down in flooded ky,. area's………..

  6. Man I wish you were either local to me, or even better, I was local to you. My 80 malibu is giving me the carburetor woes along with timing issues. I can tell you know your stuff and I could use these days

  7. I have a question how big is your garage how wide and how deep and how tall if you don't mind me asking I'm greatly appreciate it. And thank you very much.

  8. old man you are always full of surprises man I seen Billy and Tommy's video taking off in horse shit 🤣😂 you tore their asses up. but your recent video you taking the time to teach Addie about the tree I even learned something myself and her and her mom helping you with the merch that was really cool man you're damn good people old man. great things in the future on this channel real soon I can't wait to see the Malibu out there on the front line it's got it in it that's for sure once you dial it in everybody look out. 💪🏾💪🏾 you guys have a great one hope to see you soon. 🌍 worldwide y'all. everybody shares some videos let's get the old man there where he deserves to be he should have half a million subscribers by now 💯👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽😎👊🏽💨💨💥💥💥🇺🇲Merica

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