Starting Line Brawl and Two New NPK Winners – No Prep News Episode 136

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  1. I think the real MVP for Justin Swan. Is CJ race cars they got thing on the jig A.S.A.P for him. Without that justin would have definitely missed that race.

  2. I will say this I may not be a swan fan but man I gotta say that's some amazing news not only was he ok but homie came back with thecar the following week that's jus unheard of good job I've definitly starting to like the dude

  3. C'mon, Bodie is the most even keel dude you'll meet & has shown that demeanor on & off camera. So if shit popped off… I'd bet my truck that Bodie didn't start it. But you can guarantee that he stood his ground.

  4. Sim the track offical was being an asshole all day telling the racers they couldn't be on starting line and boddie had crashed earlier so he was talking shit boddie Jr told him not to touch his dad and he did so they both started to whoop his ass he definitely deserved it

  5. You missed the fact Boddie had wrecked his car. The fight started between Boddie Sr and someone and Boddie jumped up n to defend his father. Lil county and big county came in to brake it up. While everyone was just standing there.

  6. More people should stand around the starting line doing
    Nothing! Maybe
    Put a boxing ring
    At the starting line!
    Should be more
    Entertaining. NPK
    WWE edition.

  7. I've never seen Boodie complain or cry about anything even when he had every right to. If Boodie was involved in a fight I would bet money he wasn't the instigator.

  8. Reaper said in that Dominator beat Robin Roberts this past weekend Said the dominator's cars running the best to sever run

  9. In the video that reaper earlier He said that dominator beat Robin Roberts This past weekend Said his car is running better than ever

  10. Look the whole Cantu thing.. I wasn’t there so I definitely can’t speak about the whole “ sabotage” deal but whoever did that wow bro. You just don’t touch someone car/truck ever. I don’t care if it’s a daily driver or a million dollar race car that’s a bitch move. If you got an issue with someone take it up with that person face to face. Don’t mess with their ride don’t be a keyboard warrior or a telephone tough guy, face to face. Show some self respect and grow some balls. Just sayin. Now, we know how he comes off when he’s on the show right. Now I meet him at Yellow Belly where he raced 2 classes and a lot of those races were back to back. Maybe 15 minutes between each race. 1st he was extremely nice and very humble and there was really no cameras around. 1320 was there filming but that’s it. 1st this guys truck is extremely consistent and durable. He beat on this truck all night long with zero issues and almost won both of the classes he was in. He won the tailgate class with ease and he won the other also but his tire crossed the center line by about 2 inches so he ended up getting D/Qed but he smoked that guy as well. He comes off like a dock on TV but is definitely not.

  11. Hey sim my bad I'm a little late but daddy d has his turbos set up in the bed of his truck as well. Big props to Justin cjrc and his crew for getting prenup ready them boys put some crazy hours and work to get that hotrod ready to race much respect. I don't think bodie started that fight he's really a cool guy but when you put hands on someone it changes the dynamics you know what I'm saying. Jerry b got himself a consistent hotrod I'm sure he'll get a win but hey how about Ryan getting the win when kye beat him earlier definitely an exciting weekend as always sim keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  12. Really Cantu just like all the other Texas guys are shady as all hell, the only decent texas guy would probably be Boosted gt but literally all the other texas guys are way more shady than the shadiest things 405 has ever done, in the last few yrs I have literally lost alot of respect for alot of the main guys like, Robin Robert's, Jason Cantu, Mike Morrello, Eric Bane, chuck Finney (birdman), chuck sitsinger, Lizzi and her dad as they are both sore winners and sore losers…. and the most respect lost goes to Big chief himself

  13. Epping is a sanctioned NHRA track. Putting your hands on a track official is the same as doing it to a reff in major sports. Boddie can be banned from all sanctioned NHRA tracks if the NHRA seems fit to do. I know they are investigating what happened.

  14. # SwanGang 🦢 goes out first round 😉👍 lots of work to even show up props to them. During the Bodie fight Ryan was racing Dominator. One more note how about Dean Karnes making it to the semis just barely beat by Ryan Martin and Stinky's car is #200 over weight

  15. Once Again, WTF Were All Those People Doing In The Starting Area? The Day Is Coming, When Someone Will Be Seriously Or Fatally Injured. We Will All Whistle A Very Different Tune Then! Dang, Take Your …kin Fights Else Where! Is It Really Necessary At These Events, That Children Are Exposed To This Kind Of Behavior? A Brawl? Have It In a Bar, For …k Sakes!🧐😱😡

  16. Justin swannstrum's car basically did the same exact thing as Ryan Martin's the top of the intake blew off tearing the firewall up catching on fire but when you watch the video of inside the car swastron didn't have big old chunks and metal flying everywhere hitting his roll cage right next to his head like Ryan did. What I can't say about Justin he has a damn good chassis builder Cameron Johnson race cars who is also building monza Nova. He built another car npk Nova for Justin but Justin decided to sell it. If you're like me and you'd like to see the mechanical side of race cars. What it takes to build them go check out camera and Johnson's race cars they do phenomenal work. There's nothing that they shop can't do. They're the ones that spent the hours to get his car car back in the tip top shape or at least race ready again. I heard Justin say to Ryan it's about a $25,000 fix and that's not fixing to cosmetics That's just making it ready to race again. If you looked at Ryan Martin's funny car cage you can see where something hit the bar right next to his head and put a big dent in the cage. All in all their probably about the same amount of damage when you think a fire you have to rewire it all the bars have to be changed out that was in that heat all your sensors then you got a fresh in the engine because a sprayed that foamy stuff to put out the fire all over their cars. I will say Ryan's car did look worse when they took the clip off. Justin's car look worse when the front clip was still on it because he was melted and it had all that foam on it. Then when they took it off you can tell that the fire did a lot of damage cuz everything was black. When you have two combinations that are the exact same and within two races both of them have the same issue blowing the top intake off. I would have been talking to proline personally because this is supposed to be a new tried and true the best of the best the new and greatest thing out. These are not the same engines from last year yes they are the hemis with the high cam but it has a different head configuration. It's supposed to be the newest greatest proline product out.

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