Sick Seconds 1.0 Is Coming Back For Street Racing At Roadkill Nights (Plus Drag Pak Durango Update)

There’s so much going on around the Sick shop right now it’s hard to keep up with, but we’ll try! First I have to pick up Sick Seconds 1.0. She’s looking as good as ever and will be getting some new shoes for racing on the street at Woodward Avenue, once I can convince Bob to make the change. It’s not as if he’s doing anything around here right now anyway…right, Bob?
The Drag Pak Durango looks like a skeleton but we are thrashing to have it ready for its ‘in progress’ showing for Dodge at Roadkill Nights. And we’re also moving along with the wagon, once we evicted the cat that was living inside it.

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  1. I love the new shop term that pops up at the perfect time!
    Even tho it may hurt a few feelings, it conveys what the rest of us are dealing with.
    Looking forward to more and totally enjoy this channel!

  2. Considering that I turn 65 in 6 days and that car looks like a 57 that was easy. BTW I loved the summit pick up the car trick 10+ points on that one

  3. What the hell is going on in that shop??????? Get the tools to change those tires before you wreck the rim. Maybe some one has to much shit going on.

  4. What the hell took you guys so long to come up with the age of that 57 simple math and also depends on which month of the year the car was actually produced it may have not been 65 years old it may have been 64 years and 3 months old

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