She Warned Me About The Weather… *Every Car Got Hailed On*

After over a year of trying to move to Georgia, Daniel and Nic finally found a home to move into! My neighbor also warned me about the storms in Georgia and my cars still got caught in a hail storm… 😅

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  1. My neighbor warned me about the storms and the cars STILL got caught in a hail storm 😅 Thankfully the hail wasn't too big so it didn't leave any significant damage.. Hopefully we will be able to find a shop for the cars before something like this happens again!

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  2. Maybe get some of those inflatable car bubbles for when the weather is supposed to be bad? May not work or be allowed by HOA but I don't see why it wouldn't.

  3. Yo nick and Daniel. If you want that water heater relocated I’ll do it for free. I respect all you guys and your movement it’s the least I could do

  4. Ahhhhhh poor Gavin welcome to bipolar weather. Especially the part of Ga you’re in. Anything above Atlanta and in gets everything. Wait until winter time bud😁🫡

  5. Why is he talking in that high pitched voice throughout most of the video? Sounds like a super soyboy, or one of those guys that think they can be a woman. Smh

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