Ryan Martin GETS PUT ON THE TRAILER by Wilhoit Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Tulsa Invitational NPK

It can be done… and it was by Shawn Wilhoit in Tulsa. No Prep Kings 2022 Season 5 Ryan Martin Fireball

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  1. Jesus you people worship this guy.. it's amazing how many f**** men are in love with this guy like a woman. Sign of the times men get her butt hurt over other men lol

  2. Every team out there is happy to see Ryan Martin loose . But best believe that he didn't go home and CRY about it. Unlike others he went straight to somewhere to test and tune and that's how and why he's been soo consistent at winning. I don't think there's anyone out there in NPK that pushes the limits as hard as Ryan Martin. We will see at the end of the season who's in the top five spots. It's ok to throw a wrench and knock out a big name from time to time. Can you be consistent and continue to make pass after pass with out breaking down is the question.

  3. Ryan has to take someone’s best shot every time up. Can’t win them all but I became a fan because he doesn’t brag about his domination and always congratulates opponents even if they are 405 haters.

  4. Wow is this what it’s come to every time someone beats Ryan their is going to a thousand videos about it. I mean I could see if you beat him in the finals and got that 40k but just beating him to go to the next round seems a little much but to each its own.

  5. So if you lose people load your car for you? Well that's kinda nice, be even cooler if they'd come over and mow your yard, just saying.

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