Reaper SS Endgame LS Nova!!

Street Outlaws and No Prep Kings racer Reaper drives his daily driver beast on the streets in preparation for race. Reaper is known to drive a big tire camaro known as the reaper ss. But, in the endgame street race reaper is bring out a nova with a ls and procharger setup. It is not the first reaper has brought out the nova for a race. Reaper has entered this build to several daily driver races at no prep kings and has remained undefeated. Reaper then stop entering daily driver classes because he wanted to focus on the big tire race. But, after a couple of years reaper brings out the same blue nova but this time with a ls setup built by Kelley Blubaugh out of Arizona. Reaper tests his little nova on the streets to make sure the car is dialed in and we chat a bit with Reaper to get his thoughts on the street scene lately. Check out the video and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Hell yea! I can't wait to see Reaper loosing races and screaming about how the car won't work and it's crap and how he's over the car…… 🤣🤣🤣🤣 it also would appear, at least to me, that the car that made a lick before Reaper left wwwaaayyyyyy harder then he did… 😜

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