Picking Up My New 32 Ford. Part Three Of The LG Speed & Kustom Summer Road Trip Tour

In this video we leave Speed Week and head to Make It Kustom in Mission BC to pick up my 32 Ford.

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  1. Now that's a fantastic project ,good on you! How did you manage to plate and insure it thru icbc with know inspection since it was from out of provence ,I tried but could not until mine was repaired and inspected .have they changed the rule since 2002.

  2. Thanks for taking us along on your adventure! Looked like a lot of fun! Your roadster has inspired me to build my first model A and my first roadster, should be fun…..Super cool 32 but those front fenders need a slight adjustment…….lol!!

  3. Wow , that was an adventure ! . You looked exhausted and stressed out when you got home ! lol . Good to see you made it home safe. Thanks for taking us along.

  4. Years ago my brother in law and his best friend bought a 28 Vicky in Ontario, Canada. It took them a week to drive back to Hayden, Idaho. He said he would have to work on something every few miles.

  5. Excellent ending to your BIG adventure, thanks for taking us along !!!!
    I used to drive 900 miles down to Mexico and then 2000 miles through Mexico down to Chiapas which is 150 from Guatemala. Then race all the way back to Texas in the Carrera Panamericana Mexican Road race. On average it took about 17 days and was full of "adventure" and stress but SOOO worth every minute. Glad you made it safely home. Can't wait to see you start improving the 32 !!
    Those years of Ford trucks were notorious for the "shifter bowl" splitting and then it jumps the key on the shift tube and won't turn the shifting tube that runs the length of the column and out through the firewall. I've bought trucks before that had vice grips on the tube for years for shifting. Hope it's something easy to fix. I've pulled a trailer that big that weighed over 10k and averaged 16 with my 97 12 valve. Change gears or tire size or whatever it needs to keep that engine at 1500 rpm or a little less with the converter locked up while cruising and you will get the best mileage.
    PS. Shannon is PRICELESS !!!

  6. You two are the bravest characters I know. Glad your home safe and Doris is home and we look forward to whatever else you three dream up. Well done.

  7. Did you ever consider putting the 32 sedan in the trailer and driving the roadster? ( great adventure, thank you very much)

  8. Great adventure video's, enjoyed all 3. Glad you made safely, wasn't sure if you would with the 32. Lots of work needed on the 32, I hope you got it for a decent amount! I can identify with breaking down on a highway with no shoulders, been there done that and it's not a happy place!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hi Lee and Shannon , glad your home safe ! Watched all three parts with great interest . What an adventure ! Too bad for Bonneville . OH WOW for the '32 ! Glad you got what you got … and what a starting point . Give Dorris a rub behind the ears from us … she just might care .

  10. What a trip! The new wheels look awesome too! If it falls in line with what you’ve done to the roadster I can’t wait! Nice job guys, happy your all home in one piece! Been on the side of the road at the ferries multiple times, scary shit

  11. Great Tudor,looks like the Hemi Powered chopped Tudor that Dean Moon Raced when He was kid. In my teens I had a coupe in much the same condition, one of those cars where the rain water would spray into the car at 50MPH. But with no interior it didn't matter.

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