1. New subscriber, love the car my favorite year of the tri 5s. Awsome.Takes alot of runs to bang gears like u guys do. Great job,car looked pretty good , drew a hammer 4 the first run.

  2. Love that 55 … how many rpm’s you hitting in that little small block ? That thing sounds amazing going down the track . I’d swear it was 9 grand lol Beautiful car , keep the content coming . If you can , I’d like to hear sone engine specs just out of curiosity . That’s one of the best sounding cars I’ve heard .

  3. Ya did good..Tony is a pretty tough guy to beat…..ya done that 55 proud.
    👍👍😎💪💯,,,,,,That thing sounds great…….and runs great….old school gasser completing in no prep…I like it….👍👍👍

  4. Great to see your old Chevy out racing.
    I bet there are tons of older track cars siting in garages that could be reborn into no prep racing.
    Seeing something besides fox body Mustangs would help keep it interesting.

  5. Awesome to see a true gasser who as bill said used al the old tricks to make one hook and go! U took on one of the best in the first round! I have to say tho never even looked at the mustang when u made the pass , heck either pass i was glued on what that badd 55 could do! Hope to see more of u all taking on this type racing it is fun

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