No Prep Kings Season 5 Predictions – No Prep News Episode 124

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  1. Personally I like NPK better than I like Street outlaws there's less BS and just good racing I hope Robin Roberts doesn't make it to top 10 because I don't like the guy. my top 5
    1 Ryan martin
    2 Eric Kavilhaugh
    3 Justin Swanstrom
    4 Jeff lutz
    5 lizzy

  2. Yeah…I don't know. Those are all top 5 contenders for sure, but, that leaves out Lizzy and Eric K who were absolutely flying and would've had very different seasons if not for crashing. Even Daddy Dave for that matter. So I could easily see any of those 3 disrupting that top 5 list quite a bit.

    The other thing, is that the running joke on the 405 team being "Ryan and everybody else" may well look a lot different this coming year. Mainly, it was impressive Ryan pulled off back to back wins with little help blocking last year. But with Murder Nova rapidly improving, Dave back at full speed, the GTO is flying, and wildcard Doc could well come out swinging in the screw blown Viking..not to mention Monza's chevelle if it's done on time. The 405 as a whole could very well look WAY different this year and be a LOT more dangerous as a whole, which would certainly help Ryan with multiple cars picking off other heavy hitters. So we'll see I guess..

    Also, I have a feeling Stinky Pinky & Brandon James are gonna be harder to beat this year too

  3. Hey Sim Someone I'm looking forward to seeing his new car is Stinky Pinky's Challenger. Hoping it's the E body . He was really starting to come on strong at the end of NPK . There's not enough Mopars in the sport. But everyone's seams to be running that HEMI now .

  4. How can you say it'll be hard for Ryan Martin to compete at that top level for 3 straight years??? If not for losing the last race on the previous two seasons, Ryan Martin would have won every season. He's been the man to beat since the show started

  5. I would love to make a bet on that they will not end up first and second I can't put in a direct order but I think you are way off let me know what kind of bet you want to do I'm game!!

  6. Robin roberts aint getting 2nd with a new setup and all the procharged guys in season 5 and swangang isnt winning the whole season im a fan but no way hes beating all these other guys with that lexus it just isnt consistent enough without breaking prochargers thats your youtube bias talking sim lol

  7. Ryan Martin would be a five time champion if not for 5 points the first two seasons so why wouldn't he be able to pull off 3in a row GO Fireball

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