Murder Nova's Street Outlaws EndGame Build Part 1! Say Hello To An Old Friend!

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Part 1 of our behind the scenes footage from Street Outlaws: EndGame!

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  1. I like seeing all the body work. I work at a body shop and alot of what you was talking about is right on like signatures and cutting the drips off. My bosses favorite is he doesnt charge for the extra clear 🤣. But in all reality he makes sure the cars are right or better than when they came in. And me being the youngest i catch hell everyday from the boss but its in all fun.

  2. I’ve been driving a 1992 Oldsmobile Custom cruiser that’s been sitting since 2004. Had a Ja Rule cd in the deck and it skipped. Real nostalgia I felt lol it’s cool clean car

  3. What were you saying about the cage as in not bending on it? So you aren’t putting a cage in it? I can’t imagine getting in a wreck racing a convertible with no cage. 🤦🏻‍♂️Good luck man. 🤞🏻

  4. I love you brother but you're interpretation of what I thought the rules are is far apart . So far it seems JJ and axeman are closer to what I thought the interpretation of the platform was . But I still love you're spirit !

  5. Yall need a Festool Dust extractor and Sanders for Richard for Christmas, he will love you for ever and so will Shawn…. There will be zero dust in the shop when yall do body work….. I bought one and omg no more paint dust and bonds dust when you sand em all the way down….. Shop will be clean… I paid 3500 for mine, they are on Amazon now for $900…..

  6. I want a 79 Coupeville dunk racer couldn't be any heavier especially with a small block turbo still like my Oldscool style rides best but I dig the big cruisers out racing also good stuff guys we watched the build we dig it

  7. Not a fan of Donks, the style is not one i like. Where i live, you know where the drug dealers are when their wheels exceed the value of the house they live in, yes the DD's here are dumb (They get raided ever month, you can almost set a watch) . But I'm following because I want to see you guys ruin the racing for everyone else
    Wait a minute, This is for the small tire race? I thought you were doing the 55 for that?

  8. Shawn talkin about ANYBODY can paint took me back to my childhood at my uncles body shop. It takes SKILL to do body work. He taught me that at a very young age. Thats why now if anyone asks i dont do body work 😂

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