Motorsports Molly & Her Stick Shift Foxbody

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My Foxbody
-1986 Foxbody Mustang GT
-1971 351 Windsor bored and stroked to a 410 Built by CAMS
-9.5 deck
-Compression ratio 11.5 – 1
-600hp on E85
-220 AFR Heads Sponsored by Lucore Automotive
-TKO 2 faceplated manual Transmission
-Spec Stage 3 Plus clutch
-Bogart wheels



  1. I Love Molly. The Only Thing Hotter Than Molly In Her Hot Rod, Is Molly Armed In Her Hot Rod…
    She May Be That, I Don't Know, HOWEVER, I Hope So.
    GOD Bless You Young Lady

  2. This girl's a homewrecker my husband likes to watch her and no not for the car she needs to start putting on clothes she should be ashamed of herself

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