Kye wins Virginia and takes home $40k in Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Live

Little rough, but we made it happen. Kye wins Virginia Street Outlaws No Prep Kings and puts $40k in our pocket after some tough racing. Thanks to all the fan for coming out and hanging out watching some good racing. More videos to come with some funny times in the near future.
Street Outlaws No Prep Kings
Go Pro hero 8 black
Go Pro max 360


  1. Maaan!!! You better be nice to lizzy at the closing!!!🤣
    She put like pickle juice in your drink when your not looking!!!🤣🤣🤣
    Had some good laughs in this vid💪🏼🔥

  2. Kye,lizzy love yall both you guys kick ass. Channel is 🔥.. next time you do engine work a overhead time lapse would be dope as fck. Keep the great content coming you two and good luck this fall in the woods

  3. Funny about people not knowing who people are..last weekend in Tucson, I talked to several people working the event asking where Jim Hughes was. Only one person knew who I was talking about. That's pretty sad when he owns the place. Good seeing you guys there, even with our rain, you guys kicked ass.. Best of luck in the last few races.

  4. Dude you got my respect when you beat the 405 when you held your intake down with 100 vise grips and 10 tubes of permatex, I think that was was your first time on T.V. Show.

  5. You probably already know but those Onan generator they split the intake manifold they warp and start sucking in air then they die out it'll start but die again or run like shit just so you know but you probably already do

  6. I am a fan of Kye Kelley and a fan of drag racing as a whole. I got to see you Kye at an event at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Florida years ago. My dad used to race a ‘70 Nova on that track when I was a kid in the early 80’s. His Nova was not on the level of your “Shocker” but it was pretty quick. Kye it is nice to see you humbly interact with your fans and observers at events. Good luck to you, Lizzy and your teams in future races….Let Go of the Button & Let it Eat

  7. if 60 mounds matters in these scales of cars then Justin needs to go the gym ! he could easily lose 60 lb and it would cost him nothing but some work

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