Kye Kelley Shocker is Back vs Swanstrom!!

Street Outlaws and No Prep Kings racer Kye Kelley is back with the original shocker Camaro. The Shocker Camaro took on new comer Justin Swanstrom in his procharged Lexus. This is the first time the shocker camaro comes back after its crash testing on the streets of south Texas. The Shocker Camaro was being tested by David Gates and the street proved to be too much and the car was totaled. After six months and at the chassis shop Larry Jeffers, the car is back. The shocker camaro looks amazing in person but it still needs to be a proven car against some of the fastest no prep cars in country. Justin Swanstrom is one of those cars and looked to spoil the shocker camaro’s return to racing. Check out the video for all the action and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Just doesn’t look right compared to what it use to look like i am guessing this is the car he picked up for street outlaws endgame that he ended up not using.

  2. Looking good Kye Kelly Racing. You had him to da 550. Faster & Faster from here on. Go head on Pat Musi Racing Engines, low-buck, high-power fun.

  3. Kye looking good with the rebuilt Shocker , he'll get it dialed in… Justin had a great weekend and earned the win with his refreshed ride . Thanks for sharing …

  4. Still early for Kye yet. The car is brand new and he's clearly still figuring it out. That said, Justin is absolutely FLYING right now. The top end charge on that car is crazy!! I really think Prenup is going to be a hard car to beat with that new blower set up.

  5. Justin just sucked that Camaro up his exhaust pipe kye will get it failed in kye will work twice as hard and more than twice as long kye never shows to just make a showing when he shows up it's to win and nothing less will do

  6. HI ALL
    YER GOT TY KELLY gettin wracked lol herd JUSTIN IS having a weekend out and next weekend he is taking his KIDS LOL TY AND little LIZZY to visit grandpa PAT in the retirement home haaa lol 😂🤣🤣🙃

  7. Kye Kelley Shocker is a newly built car! the old one was totaled on a test pass on the street! (the same builder built the new car just like old one) but better upgrades odem racing part of kye racing stuff, i think his old car after shock going to him! he i think bought it!

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