Justin Swanstrom’s Devastating Wreck at NPK – No Prep News Episode 135

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  1. It took TOOOOOO LONG For the damn fire to get to his car. Like minutes too long. There needs to be changes….BIG CHANGES.

    Him getting back depends on how much engine damage. He could get back in 2 weeks with new body panels if the engine isn't fried. Lucky HE isn't fried with how long the fire crew took.

  2. It was a great showing for Big Chief and Jackie I wont tell who won the big tire final all I can say Hooked up front
    s flying and nitro fumes for an 1/8 mile

  3. The part you didn't comment on was after Justin's Pernup caught fire and Adkins crossed over and hit him in the right rear, Adkins car got caught up in in Justin's parachute cords then got dragged to the right lane next to Justin's car on fire. Justin had just deployed his chutes when Adkins hit him and the cord just wrapped around Adkin's car. Plus lets hear about Pat Mussi hollering at Justin saying he couldn't drive causing a fight to break out between teams.

  4. I can’t believe that this track makes the cars burn for so long. I would hate to imagine if a driver was knocked unconscious what would’ve happened. That’s definitely not a well ran track. They more worried about fixing the walls then drivers safety.

  5. It was a great 8 race kid, think he may not be ok I’ve seen guys die after being in accidents like that they go home thinking there fine go to sleep and don’t wake up in the morning he was in a methanol/chemical fire in shock adrenaline pumping he’s probably in the ICU atm, he’s gonna front half that car it doesn’t matter if it’s no good they don’t care and the new car he just sold his Nova build NoS he’s starting another one I dunno bought that kid, don’t tweak when you do your videos it’s super obvious

  6. The first car that hit the wall and caught fire was the patriot 1776 he is from right here in my hometown of North Carolina he does a lot with the Wounded Warrior Project he will come out and build decks or whatever ramps if one needs it for free he does a lot for the soldiers and sorry to say that when he hit the wall a busted his field tank and it exploded but David Brinkley will be back

  7. The Lexus will be back in about 2 to 3 weeks the car the fire made it look a lot worse than what it is Justin says the car is minor damages it could be fixed and they already got the front cut off and last night they was welding the new front-end back on the car they are going to back half the car front half the car and put new rear quarter panels on the car which Slinky pick them up on Saturday from the Lexus dealership I talked to Big Daddy Bryan on a day-to-day basis so y'all please don't think the car is gone the car is not gone and the car that Justin was building he sold that car he is building a 2022 Lexus that car will be start building July 1st of this year the Lexus now will be going through the streets the 2022 Lexus will be going to the track I should not be saying all this I should let y'all find out from Justin but that is The Game Plan

  8. big chief won war in the woods, I had an amazing time and I can't wait until the next one. big chief signed stuff and talked to fans all day Saturday and Sunday, he stood out in the rain talking and signing stuff for a good while on Saturday night .
    there were a couple of wrecks but everyone was ok

  9. I live about 20 minutes from MapleGrove. As soon as I saw the NPK schedule this year I thought it was a bad decision to hold the race here in May because of the seasonal weather. S/E Pennsylvania gets a decent amount of rain in May.
    Also, that safety crew response time was pathetic when Swan was on fire!

  10. I will be at Epping this weekend and it looks like the weather will be good. Sucks for everyone who wrecked at Maple Grove and if this would have been an sanctioned event and not a tv show it would have been canceled do you weather. I see the finals are finished at Epping. TTVE.

  11. Big Country said it blew the fuel line off, that's what started the fire before he was hit by Dave. The car is already at CJRC being rebuilt.

  12. Rules changed tho Sim, you can’t borrow cars anymore. You have to race with what you started with. Ryan made a comment about that at VMS when he had his fire and someone came up and offered him a loaner and he said it would DQ him cause you have to finish with whatever you started with the first race.

  13. Justin caught on fire going string straight down the track Super Dave lost it and crossed into him you do a pretty good job with the news but be sure you have all your facts had Super Dave not lost control of his car this wreck would not have happened and a lot of things could have happened that wasn't his fault to cause bim to loose control

  14. Didn’t the blue car crash into the white car. I get that it’s racing but that person in the blue car needs to learn how to lift off the pedal. You got a foot; right, and don’t give me that lead foot bs saying or whatever. Hopefully both drivers come back better.

  15. He hasn't started building a new car yet he sold the Nova he was building they haven't started on the new build yet but I think we will see him before long cause they working on rebuilding it right now at cjrc

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