Inside Emilios Worlds 18k Estate . Living Large at World Cup Finals Day 1

It’s Day 1 at the Raddest event of the Year! World Cup Finals , in this episode we meet up with all the Boiz and start kicking this event off with some laughs and a great time. We picked up right where we left off.

We visit Emilio and his brother Ricky’s new camper and just enjoy everyone.
What’s goin on guys ..classic vid

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  1. Hoping 2022 we got a mr2/hatch a s2k and a honda infused scooby running wcf..maybe even a copy righted awd civic…..but lets see how the cards fall…2021 wcf was one for records being squashed

  2. I prefer the Hispanic announcer even though I only catch about 1/3 of what he says. The other guy sound like he is trying to not throw up all over his mic the whole time.

  3. You should just strap a go pro to your chest along with a cam in your hand. What you don't film with Cam the go pro will hit. Plus. It'll give you more free time and hands

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