Has The Street Left Street Outlaws?

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  1. There’s nothing street left about street outlaws hasn’t been street In a long time Getting permits for a street isn’t “street racing”

  2. Slim. Chief will be back for next year's list. Shawns doing great but even slow learners learn. Discovery/pilgrim is well aware of what us fans want

  3. Yup everybody and they Aunte can flag now. Street Outlaws is about done. Last week and this week haven't watch. It's so lame.

  4. There isn't a true street car on the show. when you see blown methanol pro mod cars, and like the fastest in America team race where it looked more like big money bracket cars racing. it's not street racing. I stopped watching it for the most part. No prep kings sucks, never watch it. If you want real street racing, watch Limpy. pilgrim killed a good thing.

  5. Pilgrim has flip-flopped what street racing is all about. They want ratings not real street racers. There thinking "let's bring in the big shots and see how they smash on the little guy" well I hate to tell ya real street racers will always have the advantage on the streets. I remember when the 1st season of street outlaws ever racer had a open trailer to the spot. Now? Shooooo it's who has the biggest tote now 🤦‍♂️

  6. I am tired of their fake happiness and manufactured smiles. It's just about to become a big pissing match, as it gets closer to the end. Some of the GangStars aren't happy. The whining and complaining has started. At this point, if your not in the top 10, your done. So what are they there for? So they can say, ( woo hoo, I was 13th, 18th, 24th),,,, lol,,,, I am happy for them.

  7. Can the street outlaws guys afford to race there cars without the paycheck from the shows? N i am talking bout the real deal fast guys from the shows. Chief ryan murdernova etc. Just curious cus it got to be exspenvie to run them cars etc n dping it off show no paycheck how can they afford it. Just curious not trying to start shit. I would like to no what the answer is

  8. If it's so lame and dumb to you change the fucking channel man if u don't like it don't watch it its that simple but I love npk and America's list if u don't don't watch

  9. When JJ and his "real street" crap showed up the quality started going down immediately.
    Him talking Ryan into giving Lee the hit on America's list is a freaking joke. Racing for the 2 spot if you need the hit to win you shouldn't be there.

  10. Swanstrom is definitely not street, hell Murillo isn't street. And on fastest in America they brought in a couple track guys to get to 25 racers. They aren't street. You want to know who is real street that's @farmtruck, it doesn't get anymore street than him!!

  11. Hey sim some great points were made but there hasn't been a real street car on the 405 in years and there was only a gad full of them that actually raced on the real streets not on TV shows that turn it into something else. As always sim keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  12. Nola was street , JJ was street , 405 was a highly prepped private road more track than street after a season or two . Discovery sucks . Go back to good ole boy racing . Get rid of all power adders , Motor only cars and tires limited to 10.5-28" . Then you could run 1000 feet or even a 1/4 mile as cars will be 10 second cars at best in the 1/4mile in the 120 's mph . Show up with a factory turbo or blower run each other heads up only or stay home . As it is you have 140,000 dollar cars running guys that don't really work a normal jobs and guys that work all week and most weekend to go play street out law occasonally More guys will quit discovery .

  13. I like NPK and mega cash days, but I’d love to see more small tyre cars the “average” enthusiast could build in their garage on Street Outlaws. I find myself watching more of the 1320 vids and cash days vids lately.

  14. I hope they go under. I wish another channel would get chief and keep and some of the others that like street racing and make a show it would take over

  15. I would like to play devil's advocate and say I'm sure with all the success of the street show it's probably getting more difficult to actually find public roads to race and film on

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