Girls in No Prep Going Fast!

Street Outlaw and No Prep Kings racer Kayla Morton is back in this video doing work in her big block Ford Mustang. Kayla has been racing in the street outlaws races for a long time and has won multiple no prep kings prior to no prep kings. Kayla is used to winning with her great team that consists mainly of her family. With her dad turning wrenches and her son lining her up she has done extremely well in the no prep kings races. Kayla is racing in teh future street outlaw class and has had no trouble getting in the big show. Kayla is stilling trying to keep up with the rest of the top half of field. On the other end of the video we have Kallee Mills. Kallee Mills drives a twin turbo camaro that she has had some experience with but really is new to the big tire classes as she has run a 275 radial class before. So far, Kallee is working out the bugs to dial in her car. She didn’t do well in Ohio but will come back faster. Check out these lovely ladies do their thing and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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