EVERYTHING BROKE AT ONCE! CVs, Transfer, Steering…. CAPE YORK Track NOBODY's driven before!

DISASTER ON THE PALMER RIVER! Join the boys as they cut through the scrub of the Palmer River Region in search of the historic Old Coach Road. From bogged river crossings to navigating a labyrinth of endless gold field… This was a trip the boys were NOT prepared for!

Big thank you to the team at Jarramali Rock Art Tours for showing us around this beautiful country! 🪃 If you’re ever in the area check them out:

Join Shaun Whale in the Dirty 30, Graham in the D-MAX, Tim from MITS Alloy in his 79 series Landcruiser and Reuben in the DMW chopped Y62 Nissan Patrol for one incredible off-road adventure exploring the wilderness of the Palmer River Region in Cape York!

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  1. Anyone else listen to how Graham says wagon(wagen) and here(Heya) and think it sounds funny or is it just me ? hahaha 🤣🤣

    Also love this show keep up the great work guys. ✌️

  2. Good to see you guys cooking some rump cap. “Picanha” for is in Brazil.
    Try this cut on the bbq, sliced in a good sized beef and rock salt.
    Nice episode! 🤙

  3. Reuben, man you have balls. Not smart balls, but big ones. The whole damage could have been avoided though. It would have made it easier for everyone else on the trip.

  4. Rump steak is the best cut. Now your wonderful country produce the best port and red wine in the world. I should know I drank enough of it when I was in Aus in 2001.
    A rump in a zippy bag with enough port to cover the meat in the fridge for 24hrs or so then empty it into a pre heated pan for a few seconds it's the best steak ever you can show it it blow torch but I love the juice for my chips.

  5. mmmm re Nissan Patrol….~33% more torque from the supercharger compared to the standard engine, massive 37" tyres giving huge traction and an extra ~1500kg? kerb weight……all on standard driveline. Simple physics suggests something has to give, its just not designed from factory to cope with such large upgrades. I am mighty impressed the standard drivetrain can put up with the massive extra stress and strain from this set up for 95% of the time. Full send on a steep rocky incline with +3.5 ton bucking around……BANG was inevitable.

  6. Hay first things first great video. And yes we do have one of those mates and it is myself but i do try to make up for that in other ways. Good food and i do other rescues when needed running parts and tools

  7. I had no idea that Ruben had been doing all this on full independent suspension. Even though it broke this time it’s incredible what that rig is capable of!

  8. We all know it is Shaun getting Reuben in trouble all of the time. First it was Reuben, my truck is broke, back up here to help me…….put gas in it. This time it was Reuben don't be scared your truck can make it. LOL It is a good thing Reuben is such a good guy. Great video, beautiful country. Was cool seeing Reuben visit the USA on his channel.

  9. One thing I've learnt…. don't buy a Nissan crap… now I know all these Nissan people are gonna comment!!!! But truth be told no excuses

  10. Rule of thumb on beef. If its a working muscled its gonna be tough, but they have a stronger beef flavor. Muscle groups that don't work so hard are more tender, like tenderloin. I like New York's, Skirt's and Flat Iron. Good cut's from the Strip loin and Sirloin cap "Rump cap".

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