Daddy Dave’s Return To NPK – No Prep News Episode 97

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  1. – Scales after a race like NHRA …
    – Cars have to pass tech (which is supposedly very scrutinizing)
    – NPK is a combination of Track rules and “street” rules …
    Too many damn rules, which have nearly killed sports in the past.

    Ryan is Focused! When he wins events, he is never distracted.
    God Bless

  2. As always sim you are definitely on point looking forward to seeing d.d back and racing. But yeah it sucked watching 2 of the guys I want to win races have car trouble but shawn had quite the hotrod this weekend. As always sim another great video keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  3. Another great episode Sim!!! I personally don’t think Stevie Jackson will do no prep. 1. He’s got to big of an ego and couldn’t take the L he would most definitely get. 2. He has zero experience with it. Show me one hit he’s made on the street. He can’t do it without a big barrel of sticky being kicked over for him. I guess that sort of falls back to reason one.

  4. Ryan is going to be tough to beat for the championship. He extended his lead with the win. On another note. I got the Ice Cream Drag Van back together. Going to be doing some test hits tomorrow morning. A few nitrous passes. Getting it ready for the drive to Tucson Arizona NPK. I can't wait to see all the races. Meet doc and Daddy Dave

  5. I don't mind the Bird/Kye ruling and Kye moving on. If the winner gets DQ'd for being underweight, then the loser actually won at the starting line. Bird's weight was probably fine, but skipping the scales is like refusing a breathalyser test, you're assumed guilty.

  6. I heard something about Mike Murillo didnt go over the scales after a race to and was disqualified….I agree I feel like Kye should not be allowed to go on to he did loose the race…Steavie claims he will build a car and do what ever it takes to be able to race the invitational but the he turns around and says that there is no clear way to get into the invitational and he says nobody will tell him that if he does it theres no guarantee that he will be able to race it…I call bullshit on the whole thing it's just typical Stevie running his mouth as always.

  7. The reason you have to let the person who lost against a DQ go through is because it's possible his car was too light or didn't meet the standard in some way and you can't have a driver take a loss against a legit DQ.

  8. Rules or Rules in all drag racing head up you pas the scales in your OUT your upon it is back in he must go over the scale he pass up scales he is out both cars are out

  9. Look where Jerry is at in the points, now look where Kye is at? He passed the scales so Kye would get the points, nothing more nothing less. On the Stevie Fast topic, he in my opinion is and would be a very welcome addition to NPK as long as he has a car that is built per the NPK rules so on and so forth. He needs to race his way in like anyone else but I’d be happy to see him there, in a late model Camaro with a roots blower on it.

  10. NPK is a TV show 1st & foremost, Stevie Fast has basically unlimited sponsorship funding & that would push all the current NPK racers out the series but Ryan Martin & Jack French. Having no household names racing on the track = no fans at the track just like current NHRA & RVW events are now.. NPK is a deplorable word in those circles because NPK races are packing the whole house at every event, NHRA/RVW can barely attract enough fans to pack an outhouse at any given event. That's why guys like Stevie being aren't invited to race & probably never will be IMO. Not to mention the Futures race only pays $7,500 to win, Stevie is not gonna race for only $7,500 a week for a whole season like Justin did to get in.

  11. The people that think Stevie Jackson wouldn’t be a big problem to the top drivers at NPK make me LOL, these people need to go and do their research and figure out where his roots are and where he came from to get to where he is now, saying he couldn’t do it, and he couldn’t get down the track, blah, blah, blah, that’s just disrespectful towards Stevie

  12. Stevie fast and other track racers are just bitching because nhra and all the other racing have been took over by street outlaws if u talk to somebody about racing these days they say do u like big chief they dont say o i like stevie fast or other racers that dont race the street you have to talk to a long time race fan to hear about anybody that aint on street outlaws

  13. hey Sim, shout from South Africa, content is awesome as always thanks for all the updates, just want to know if Chief is gonna run any NPK races this season, TTVE always👌

  14. It was a underhanded cry Kelly move to keep within striking distance of Ryan and get away from scott..he offered to split the pot with Jerry if he went on to win if Jerry would miss the scales and forfeit because he needed the points.

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