Daddy Dave Wrecks at No Prep Kings – No Prep News Episode 87

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  1. 99% of the people that talk shit have been as fast as these guys in the 1/4 as they run in the 330. Unfortunately shit happens to the best of us in this sport and some just have a lot of dumb luck because that's what most of it is when shit goes south. Instinct and lots of luck.

  2. Karma is a fickle bitch! Daddy Dave wished Bobby would wreck (the week before I think) and then he wrecks while racing Bobby! No one can deny that was karma!!!

  3. The car looks ok btw no structural damage that I see just cosmetic thank god he is ok and can rebuild and race another day. But on another note murder nova is one to watch out for if he can keep it together. As for the winner of npk I threw up in my mouth when I found out but congrats to him Ryan Martin or murder nova will take his ass back out.

  4. Boys and girls better watch out this year 📢SWANGANE IS GOING TO BRING HOME THE 🏆 THIS YEAR 🎉🎉🎉Ryan Martin and two others is the only ones that has the same setup and Ryan has already said that Justin is going to be the one to watch this year I know Justin and I know Ryan Justin is not scared to let off of that throttle he would take it till there's no more taking to it if it comes to him bringing home the trophy and that is what he is going to do that's what I believe and the conversation Me n Ryan had Ryan has already said that he may not win this year but he will be the top 3 Justin will bring home the 🏆 but Justin needs to lay off of them parachute he is hitting them a little too early and if he keeps on doing that he will lose this year but I wish all all the racers a Good Year I pray for everyone on for a good comeback and I hope that everyone walks away from anyting this year accident or a loss as long as everyone walks away and go home then everyone will be a winner🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🤙🤙🤙🤘🤘🤘

  5. Dave had chute failure the left one struggled to open and opened late and the right one never opened period

    Cantu has a good video of it

  6. I think Justin Swanston's car & Ryan Martin's car are equal power wise, the difference of the 5 speed Liberty Gear Transmission with the quickdrive,vs the Rossler automatic that Ryans runs was the deciding factor…The liberty 5 speed with airshift and quickdrive is what made the difference… If Ryan Martin starts losing to Swanston on a regular basis, you'll see a transmission change in Ryan's car… Ryan doesn't like losing.

  7. Sim– I am old enough to be your grandpa, even old guys watch your channel. Anyway your doing a [ GREAT] JOB. I have a question you might be able to answer, is chief going to do any NPK racing.??? Let me know!!!! THANKS —- David—-California

  8. Sim– This is the old guy, thank for getting back at me on chief, ya i know he only raced maybe 5 at the most NPK races last year& he won, one of them thats why i was suprised he was not racing this year. But as you know, chief his car is fast, but him racing them guys this year in NPK he would have to do some serious up grades to his little motor, its great on the streets but NPK its just not enough. You TAKE CARE Sim. —–David—California

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