Cutting on a $15,000 Billet Block

The sleeves are so damaged on the bottoms( bent and destroyed ) you can NOT pull them up without ruining the aluminum bore.
I know how to remove sleeves, I have done it all, I have a pallet full of replacement sleeves because I made the block to change sleeves at the track with just a puller. Dang.
And sorry I did not wear safety glasses.


  1. On large Diesel engine we weld a vertical bead up the sleeve and that shrinks it to where the sleeve will push out very easy .

  2. Looks like you just need a grinder that will take a 6" wheel to cut deeper. I have a dewalt 60v cordless that takes 4,5,and 6" wheels, I love it.

  3. Thanks Steve, showing no matter how fast you are or how top notch you are you still have to work for it, says a lot to everyone. People think it’s all easy peasy but never see the real struggles(as little or big as they may be) that it takes in every task to build something great. And as every car/engine/chassis/trans/anything can’t attest words can’t describe what it takes to get where it started to where it is. Good luck with your car Stevie, time for you son to get on here with a rig.

  4. Hey, you think some kind of a "Star Nut" to fit(search images) would help? Claw type mount off the head studs to yank from, type thing.

    Sorry if I'm overthinking and this is just the quickest way to git'r done. Cheers all.

  5. Use oxy to shrink sleeves, used in component shop when no sparks were allowed. Shrunk out lots of things. If not weld bar across internal of sleeve, hole in centre of bar and slide hammer.

  6. "freaking out" ?? not hardly . 62yrs old Ag & construction wrench , i am laffing , i wondered "how" all the way along 😀 rock on , man!!

  7. Why didn't you put the block in the mill and use a cermit or ceramic tipped milling cutter? would have made it easier and quicker.

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