Big Chief Answers Why He Is Not Racing In NPK – No Prep News Episode 91

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  1. so the title of your video is "big chief answers why he is not racing NPK" but 2 issues with that, first you speak nothing about it until six minutes into video and second you have ZERO info on it!!! why waste a viewers time and lie in the title? doing it for clicks on your video is what desperate people do, i thought you were better than that!!! pretty sad actually 💁

  2. Justin swanstrom is now tuning their own car the first two races they had bought a tuner to tune it so you'll see a difference in his racing program now

  3. There is another channel that keeps posting the results of every race and it pisses me off cause I want to watch it I hate spoilers man it ruins the show

  4. Cannot hate on Ryan Martin for having his program together well enough to win races/championships. He’s a heck of a nice guy and even better race car driver.

  5. Brent Austin was at maple grove I cant remember what round he went out at either 1st or 2nd round but got to meet him at his booth hes a really nice guy

  6. My picks are Ryan Martin and Murder Nova both don’t matter which one and Justin Swanstrom, either one of them I’m good with winning, only if Chief ain’t racing in it. Then I’d have to say Lizzie Musi we’ll just because she’s Lizzie Musi!! Then Lutz or Chuck, Daddy Dave. Wouldn’t mind if Scott Taylor won one here or there he seems like he could win. That’s how my brain is thinking 🤪

  7. First off, I'm a big chief and Shawn fan I like them both, they are both real dudes, and in my opinion real is the only way to be, but i'm thinking from the rules I read on the no prep website, there are to many thing cheif would need to change to fit the rules, little things that cheif needs for the extra little edge so the little Pontiac motor could hang with some of the high dollar set ups, trust me cheif has got to have that set up maxed out, to do what he does with it, and every little bit makes a difference, and I don't blame him for not conforming to what they want to race, with there rules the little Pontiac that could would have a ruff time, my personal opinion is steel roof, steel quarters, factory wheel base, factory vin, other than that run what you brung, but once the track gets good it's really hard for that little Pontiac motor to keep up with the big hemi motors. Chief is a master of tuning on a normal road conditions, a regular street type surface is a great equalizer, but once the track comes around and those big hemis can put most there power down, 💩 gets real, and that makes it tuff on the little Pontiac that could, at least that's what I'm thinking from what I'm seeing and reading, I might be wrong about it….PS, sim come on with the click bait your better than that, chief didn't answer any questions

  8. The reason chief isn’t doing npk is quite simple. His car is no where near competitive in it. It’s as simple as that. Now as to why he doesn’t build a new car that would be or change his setup in his car now to make it competitive is beyond me. I’m sure he’s gonna come out and say the same shit he’s been saying for 8 years which is that he’s broke which is far from the truth. He’s pretty much the face and the highest paid guy on street outlaws so he’s far from broke.

  9. Hey was there but only had his small tire car looks alot like megladon but the megladon car is now called twisted metal. And still fast as hell. He is a really cool guy sat and talked with me for 20min telling about the car.

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