Bagged Rocket 88 – 1949 Olds Hot Rot Check-up

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Nick has always love Mopar and muscle cars from the 60’s and 70’s.. but today he is welcoming back a 1949 Oldsmobile hot rod project to the shop. This one is cool!


  1. Chevy engine swaps are so common it's ridiculous. They are everywhere, and cheap to build that is why the swap is so popular. I would have went with a straight 8 Olds engine if that was mine. But good luck finding the Olds engines anymore,

  2. This is actually a very pretty car and we'll make a great hot rod but please tell me that they're going to put bigger tires on the rear?? Hey bro the love of God put some disc brakes on it at least the front ones drum brakes you're not going to be able to stop heavy as that car is and you have a little bit of horsepower to it you're going to want to reckon this car

  3. And actually if it was my car I would have put a much bigger motor in it I would at least had 600 horsepower into this car. That would easily push his car around and have a lot of fun with it because you got to remember this is a very heavy body car

  4. I built my first bagged truck when I was 15 and I have continuously owned bagged vehicles ever since. If you want to own and drive lowered vehicles air is the only way for the vehicle to be practical.

  5. I hate the transmission pans like the one or this car, those pans are advertised and sold for the 700r4 but they are not correct. They do not make a deep filter for the 700r4 and with every pan like that one there is nothing to keep the filter from falling out of the pump. To run a deeper pan on a 700r4 you either need a filter extension to drop it down or the pan needs to have raised dimples on the bottom to keep the filter from falling out of the pump. That car would be better off with a factory depth pan due to the ground clearance issues.

  6. I absolutely love Rick's 49! When I was a kid in the early 70s there was a local gear head that was an OLDS fanatic. He built a 49 that had a blown 455 in it. It was on the cover of HOT ROD magazine int the middle 70s. It was black with flames. It was a WICKED car that made me an OLDS fan. My first really cool car was a 1970 442. I bought it in 73. Can't wait to see more of yours. Hey Nick, you just made my day by featuring Rick's 49, THANKS Nick!

  7. My Dad had the Rocket 88. 48 or 49. Not sure. Wish I had it now. Found the leftovers of a gasket set from a rebuild he did. He changed it from solid to hydraulic lifters. He got tired of resetting the solids.

  8. Hey Nick I know what you mean was a Chrysler mechanic for 40 years back in the day I wonder how many times you have cussed headers because they're always in the way even if they're in the trunk haha

  9. At transmission leak is probably manual labor seal in transmission. It will only leak after the car is off because of all the tranny fluid goes back to the pan. One good tip, trans fluid cleans where it leaks so look for the clean spot and you will find the leak 30 plus years at Aamco Transmission

  10. 73 years old and still a beautiful girl, sweet sweeping lines, like sweepers on the highway of life, your a lucky man , glad you made it back from that dark road to this sunny day, 🌞,

  11. Hey Nick. I need to change on the cam bearings in my 68 GTX, Gen 2 Hemi. I don't want to have to remove the engine. You have any pro tips to make this job easier? Hoping to be able to just drop the 4 speed and am able to punch that rear cam bearing out. Will it work that way?

  12. That's my first car……mine was a 394 ci 4 speed Hydramatic. She had BIG 4 hole AFB. I bought her in California in 1969 while I was in the Marines. She was run over by a dump truck that lost it's brakes 11 years later. I feel really bad when ever I think of her.

  13. Yep I agree about the headers I have a friend that built the 66 GTO and it turns out the headers was too close to the brake lines and boiled the brake fluid.

  14. Giasou Nikola,

    Just quickly letting you know the 2nd package arrived & thank you for all the little extra's especially the 440 valves.

    Headers are doing your head in. Nice little hottie I can see the potential in it, long way to go but looks good.

    Besides all that winter here in Melbourne but nothing like your winters that is a whole different winter.

    Take care ola kala.

    Your number 1 Fan in Australia
    Louis Kats from Melbourne Australia ☺ 👍 ❤

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