TX2K21 Cash Days | Texas Streets

We journey with the Kamikaze team to TX2K to participate in an all out 1/8th Cash Day’s. Notably, one of the best dig racing nights of the entire week, this event attracted racers from all over the country to take part. Get ready for this one, because it’s action packed!


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  2. So many people looking for that driver of the GTR Andy Fernandez in a few states. Had a shop called farmvette performance until he couldn't pay his bills and got kicked out. Scammed dozens of people out of money. He loves to front he has money and as broke as they come so if you bet money on a race with him make sure someone is holding the cash. What rock are you hiding under now?

  3. What Texas I thought y'all were in the valley racing video's far from Texas or is that just 818 I mean I know you got your own thing going but just shocked didn't know you in Texas to would like to Sport that KOK hoodie lol my bad

  4. That's a badass new edge, full on drag car spitting flames from the sides and that's a fast GTR but I knew it was going to give it some trouble.

  5. They spending 6 figures on bets and cars but record those videos at 30 fps on a crappy phone at the finish line. Get a real camera, ffs.

    Desert, as always, great content.

  6. he was happy to take the L, me, I was happy to see the GTR take the L. God damn I hate those cars and their douchbag fanboys. to push 800 you need a built motor with forged internals. Never mind any junkyard LS can do that for a couple hundred bucks just as it is, or any stock coyote if you find a used mustang. Yet how many gtr's do you see in any vids with less than 1000 hp, and obviously a lot of money and shop work in them?????

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