Twin Turbo Plymouth VIP from FINLAND

Twin Turbo Plymouth VIP from FINLAND! These guys are some of the craziest and most dedicated racers we saw at Hot Rod Magazines “Drag Week”! These guys shredded Turbo’s, Cylinder Head’s, and MULTIPLE Transmissions! Dealing with some of the most inconvenient and stressful obstacles not once, but multiple times each…they definitely took the cake when it came to hard work and dedication! Janne Uskali shipped over his 1967 Plymouth VIP from Finland may not have been the most financially rewarding situation, but with all the supports from fans and co-racers alike, they finished out the grueling week of torture with smiles and some incredible memories! Back in Finland, this was the first registered street car to pull off a 7 second 1/4 mile! Unfortunately the team was unable to finish Drag Week, but they stuck around and made exhibition passes on the last day and partied with racers and fans alike, ending the week on a positive note!

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  1. I'm a fan of those guys grit.. They did it all to keep the car running & brought it halfway across the world to do it!

  2. Awesome team and awesome car. What's really cool about these boys from Finland and the team from Sweden,they always have a smile and do not "seem" to get discouraged. There's a lesson there for us isn't there. Cudo's to our international brothers and sisters coming to the US for these endurance events.

  3. Hope to see these guys again, soon. Despite their problems with the car and the driver being injured. They still put on a hell of a show. Top notch sportsmanship. I tip my hat to these guys. Much respect.

  4. That's a heavy car, but it looks like it's got tires to match appropriately. Those things are huge. As long as nothing breaks, this car should do well! Did I speak too soon. I'd better finish watching the video.

  5. I don't want to sound negative but I hope that DW lasts and avoids accidents on the roads. Thrashing on the side of the highway and some racers navigating rain storms while hydroplaning is risky. Nothing but best wishes for all of you!

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