Twin Turbo Chevy EXPLODES Street Racing!

This badass twin turbo Nova with a 406 cubic inch motor is what dreams are made of! Making over 800 horsepower, this Chevrolet Nova hit the streets to line up against some late model cars including a Nissan GT-R and a supercharged Camaro. Sometimes these engines get a little to warm or make a little too much boost and things can go really bad, really fast. Check out what happens in this video when this Nova decides to let go!
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  1. I just saw dollar signs flowing under the Nova from the engine compartment. Not sure where these guys get their money for all these cars and the endless upgrades but im going to bet their 401Ks know….

  2. Not really surprised that 400sbc blew. None of the stock production blocks were known for durability at power levels like that. As with anything that vintage, you want to make power for a while go aftermarket everything. Hence why LS has caught on so strong.

  3. I had a 1970 Nova, it barely ran, I paid 100 dollars for it in 1985, it was a 2 door ,it was blue with a white top, staight body, but it smoked and was wore out! Man I wish I still had that car! I love this body style, my step dad bought a brand new 75 nova the same body style as this the transmission blew up in 6 months, it was green with a 305, I remember a 69 or 70 chevelle blowing us away on the free way,he traded it in for a brand new 76 charger with a 400 police interceptor, that car was ugly but fast as hell!

  4. Hahaha the non working speedo is a classic old muscle car standard. Growing up in a muscle car family and surrounded by motorhead family friends, I remember a quite few had non working speedo’s and nobody cared to bother to get them fixed. The cars ran strong and that was all that mattered.

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