TURBO Malibu – 8 Second SLEEPER!

“Honk if Parts Fall Off” – One hell of a sleeper!!! …It should come as no surprise that we overlooked this car the first few days of Drag Week this year. From its stock appearing red wheels, to the patina paint and original interior – the LAST thing we expected was a 414 cubic inch motor and a massive 80mm turbo as the power plant, pushing this hog down the 1320 in 8.5 seconds all week long! “Honk if Parts Fall Off” is one of the BADDEST street cars we have ever seen, and even better, a SLEEPER!

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  1. 67 Chevrolets RULE! There just isn't a better year for vintage Chevys, 1967. Let's take a look back down Memory Lane:
    the most coveted 1967 427 Vette, the first of the Camaros, 1967, the Bad Ass 2 door Chevelle and 67 El Camino the Legend Grows! the 67 Impala took a turn from the family car to Jr's Cruiser and the 67 2 door Nova with hundreds of thousands turned into drag racers and ALL the SS cars including Mom's Bad to the Bone 67 SS 454 Station Wagon RRRRR 1967 was a pretty great year for All the manufacturers.

  2. I felt like I was a kid again, watching the majesty of willy escape to freedom watching that wheelie. Awesome work Honk if parts fall off.

  3. If a car looks like it can't go very fast and it does, indeed go very, very fast, THAT"S called a sleeper car. This Turbo Malibu is a sleeper car!!

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  5. I Had The Pleasure of Meeting Owner / Driver of This 1967 Chevelle Malibu A Few Years ago At Cecil County Raceway, MD and Was Instantly Drawn Towards it Possibly, Because I Owned A 1966 Chevelle in the 1980's, and or Some Type Of Magical Magnetic Force That Is Generated by Team " Honk if Parts Fall Off " or Maybe A Combination of All Things Known as, (Simply the Love of Bad-Ass Chevy Power), I'm Still Not Real Sure. One Thing That is So Very Clear and Present is this Team has put it All Together To Make Some Crazy, Serious Horse-Power To Get This Holland, PA "Body By Fisher" of Course, Little Black Malibu, to get itself down yonder on the Track in a JIFFY…. So If You Enjoy Racing, Keep Your Eyes Wide Open or You'll Miss Him!! Good Luck My Friend Rick & Family, #1 Fan from (Jersey) Mike M.

  6. The best wheelie I've ever seen, plus ya gotta love a sedan that's under 10 seconds
    Also it's crazy to know that this car is faster than Teslas, Challengers, McLarens, and pretty much most other new cars

  7. I'm properly pleased I've subscribed, what you lads film, gets my creative juices going but I'm also pretty 🤬 off I've only just discovered this channel! 🤦‍♂️🤣🤣

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