Back with some more street racing action. Today we have a Turbo K Honda Civic EG Hatch going up against a Nitrous LS Chevy Camaro SS. With $3400 on the line, who will win? Thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe!

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  1. See now that us Honda guys are able to get out the hole fast on the street cause of a AWD setup it’s going to change the street racing game traction was always the biggest problem on the street for high HP Honda’s always spinning playing catch up every race even at the track be it not spinning as bad but always having to back half the track chance them down and hope to pass in time we’ll not anymore now we will be able to 60 foot just as good or very little slower than rear wheel but at the end of the day we will have a way more stable car on the street and will always have the power to weight ratio in our favor cause a 2100-2000lb AWD Honda thy can hold up to really rev launches is going to murder a lot of real street race cars out here can’t be count full on track cars like the one street racing on tv we all know that shit isn’t practical nor happens as much as they say it dose mostly all muscle cars racing on the street all the time aren’t full on tube chassis funny car caged with the only thing being factory body is the roof and quarters oh and the dash cover with vin number that’s not a street car sorry !! Either way all those muscle cars that are legit still street cars better watch out is all feelings are going to be getting hurt I bet lol

  2. Highly modded civic welp rule number one never under estimate your opponent and rule number 2 if you aint number one your number 2 and you lose plain and simple no gimmicks nothing

  3. in the last video where they were all arguing, the civic guy was saying he was already passing him by the time he hit 2nd gear. looks to me like it was the top of 3rd based on his dash cam video. civic definitely has the mph up top, I hope the camaro guy decides on a turbo for the rematch.

  4. Lmfao. Did they really think that 5000 pound domestic led boat had a chance!!?? Come on man. The honda had the right builder and driver to begin with! Technology beats displacement everytime. And notice the crew of the black camaro, not the brightest bunch. They were clueless what they had gotten themselves into lol🤣😂🤣

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