1. I love Clark's hairstyle, absolutely no hair on the top and long thin hair in the neck and sides. 😆 Thats a 100% German Bundesliga hairstyle. 🤣🤘

  2. Talk about a crappy torque converter…I know things break but still while it’s on low or zero boost..???? When it’s meant to be rated at 5-6k whp…come on !!!

  3. I also noticed he don’t cuss that I have heard yet ! He also speaks a lot on god and fallen on his mercy so I believe he is chose the more less say Christian type life style and if that the case it has serve him very well he is smart and kind of you didn’t kno Steve his demeanor and looks u would think he was quick to snap your neck lol but he is a awesome
    Person !! Very nice !!!

  4. From watchin video #2 first (backwards) then #1. Man.. just wasnt your weekend at all.. from 1 issue to another to another to another.. I'd loaded it up went got me a beer and watched everyone else have fun.. oh wait , that's what ya ended up doin( I hope with a nice cold beer)..

  5. I LOVE in the fast paced world of "Cost is no object" Drag N Drive Pro-mods, the $10,000 trans is being raised up into the $500,000 car with a $99 harbor freight floor jack. I'm not knocking the quality of the jack I have two of the same one, use them all the time. I don't usually get to say " hey I have the same one" while I'm watching SME videos 😉

  6. All after you walked us through the cost of a billet flex-plate and an exotic torque converter, etc. The particles and the failure off the line have to be related ?!?!

  7. I’m willing to bet that NONE of these folks will compete RMRW. All these things do is break. And the next session they break. When you have millions and no normal people jobs like the other 90% there’s nothing to worry about financially.

  8. That was so funny Steve Morris you are one of the most humble guys that I have seen on here I'm so thankful for this video it made me laugh and I really needed it keep your head up you'll figure it all out I know you will God bless keep on getting on

  9. Those little pellets look the same as stuff I've pulled out of out-of-balance turbine sections on generators, where the entire rotor assembly rubs the housing, shaves off metal, and then balls it up. Just a thought… the axial play in that converter made me think of it.

  10. I will never look at a torque converter in the same light again. Got used to Wader and Sodder, but what’s inside a torque converter? Who knew 😂😂😂. Now have images of Ali Baba wearing a turban doing laps inside 😂😂

  11. Is the metal a dip stick that got chopped up by the torque converter? Kinda like sliding a slim Jim though a meat slicer. My dip stick looks just like that material.

  12. The problem is, you put that new axle in the car. Every time you install something new and shiny in your race car, something always breaks. Ya know, Like you replace the brake pads and two days later the door flies while making a pass. That's just how race cars work. LOL!!! ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  13. Converters with all those Internals from Oem day 1 Should have Always been Bolt together Design !! That Stator to turbine Fit seems a veryLoose fit….Hopefully, the splined Shaft has a better Precision clearance Fit keeping it all Stable……So what was route Cause of that Latest Converter–Trans problem ?? …..Your recent equipment Catastrophic Failure issues as Con Rods, main Studs & Converter–Trans problems are Bizarre weirdest !! …..Does Every part Now require complete Disassembly & Xj-Ray inspection Before use These days ??

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