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  1. Hey sim hope you feel better this race was crazy Mike bowman wrecked on Friday rr wrecked and I believe Brandon j hit the wall and axman car was on fire Ryan blew the tires off witch he hardly ever does definitely a rough weekend. As always keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  2. Hey Sim did you hear that Daddy Dave has been getting a new NPK car build by Tynan Race Cars since Jan and is near completion and will be revealed at SEMA in a few weeks

  3. I was there at the event and it was the worst event I have ever been to. The outlaws were great. The racing was great. The left lane was horrible. That's where the main wrecks happened. And the facilities sold way too many tickets. There was literally no seats left. People were crawling on top of bathrooms to sit and see the racing. I drove seven and a half hours from Florida. I've been to two other events and this one was literally horrible

  4. Robin Roberts wreck was real bad. He hit the wall right in front of us and then bounced off and hit the other. He was unconscious for several minutes and they ended up life-fighting him. Something happened to murder Nova's car right before the finish line and Ryan had Giuseppe beat but he got loose in that left lane

  5. I don't think the street outlaws cast will ever go back to that track. I had heard a few of them in production say that because the left lane was so bad compared to the right

  6. Good on you Sim for doing the episode even though you aren’t at your best. Dedication and keeping your streak going. See you tomorrow.👊🏻

  7. Robin's wife said he has three broken ribs, a collapsed lung and concussion. She said he was "out" a long time. He is doing OK tho.

  8. Feel better Sim, It’s the flu season . This is part why we watch this shows to see people racing and crash. But I hope Robin recovers and I don’t think he’ll comeback until next season NPK .

  9. Robin Roberts posted he doesn't remember the crash. His first memory is of waking up in the hospital. He stated he has badly bruised ribs , a very bad concussion, and a deflated lung. I'll bet he won't be able to race again this season. Now on another note get better soon and take care of yourself. If you can't do Mondays stream will understand.

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