The Murder Nova is NOT For Sale – Street Race Talk Episode 163

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  1. Would love to see Justin McDaniel on here. Race Car is as street as it gets. Boosted GT would be cool or maybe Ronnie Pace for that OG status. Also Kamikaze Chris should be fun. I would also love to hear from Andrade. The circumstances behind his leaving the show seem to be unusual at best.

    I never did believe that the Murder Nova would get sold for real. Glad I was right.

  2. Hello Sim…actually I like every suggestion you made as a special guest. BTW if you can get Limpy or BJ from NO I'd love to hear about the craziest things that have happened to them while flagging. Another suggestion comes from what I like about your show which really is "Street Race Talk," you are like the "Street Race News Channel," I love it! Lots of info that isn't on TV. With that in mind if you could expand it and bring in more news and maybe talk to any of those making the news. One example is Reaper's racing series has a class (or two) of daily drivers. Maybe you could contact him and tell him you'd love to interview the winner of those classes after each race, I'd like to know more about their cars especially them being a daily driver (and it would help promote his race series so it's good for him too). Also, some of the "not on TV street outlaws" would be great to hear from, what's really going on in street racing. Thanks again for all the news, as George Carlin would say, "from around the globe, across the nation, and up your street."

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