The Mistress Big Turbo Nova at Hobbs, New Mexico No Prep!!

In this video we have Shawn Wilhoit in the big turbo nova known as the mistress. The mistress entered the big tire class at the hobbs , new mexico no prep event. It is part of airfield converted to a track and the surface is sketchy to get down. Limpy was flagging the race and the action followed. The mistress in the first round took on a chevette. Although not known to be a race type of car, this one was on big tires and a mean sound motor. It was good action while in the second round, the mistress took on a nitrous assisted nova. The nitrous assisted nova had a photo finish at the finish line as they both got down the surface quickly. Check out the video and see who comes out on top and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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