The McLaren You've Probably Never Seen Before | MSO HS

There’s only 25 of these in the world. This is #18 of 25 – McLaren MSO HS. It’s NOT the 688 HS. Hope you enjoyed some McLaren content on this one. As always, huge thanks to my friends at McLaren Philadelphia | @mclarenphl on Instagram

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  1. Dam I wish I was rich! Love the specs on these they look just as extravagant as any other super/hypercar on the market! Who says McLaren are boring! Not that I will ever be able to buy one unless I win the lottery or rob a bank but how much is this compared to the others? Sounded great too!

  2. Pretty nice USED CAR (see 5:10), Mikey's 720 was considered used with 50 miles, this one has fifty times that many miles (2558.2). You didn't mention horsepower, but since it's based on 675LT chassis and powertrain (10:22), I guess it's 675 horsepower, unless previous owner beefed it up. You mentioned the 688 HS, so does it have 688 horsepower? Mikey sees this, he might cancel his LT and/or trade in his 720 for it, it would appeal to his rare car fixation. So, you may not know what you started with this video!!!

  3. It is crazy that 1. I am just now learning of the MSO HS, literally just stumbled a crossed this week. 2. that I'm just now getting to your channel! Fantastic walk around and info, I am very interested in this car, I found one, #20 of 25 it is the chrome painted one. Much prefer this spec.

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