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  1. I live in Italy, and one of my dreams is going to NY taking a Fiat 850 Coupè with me and set the record for cars with less than one liter engine. Fiat 850 Coupè was the first car owned by my dad back in the '60s.

  2. I never knew Brock Yates, but I'm willing to bet my savings on the idea that he would be jazzed with the current crop of Cannonballers. I hope you blokes are proud of your exploits because you're doing the event proud.

  3. How about a cross country run at legal speeds to see how fast it can be done legally. The emphasis would be on route planning and fast stops. Popular Mechanics did it in the late 60s in around 48 hours.

  4. i got one crazy car story about car i owned. it was 2007 Bmw 545i. car was listed as run and drive with no check engine light and it was cosmetically great. it had great interior and paint as looked like it barely even had 50000 miles. So i test drive it and bought it. as i was driving home check engine light comes on. car starts shaking aggressively because all 8 cylinders were misfiring. also car needed tire alignment so steering wheel was at 45° angle while driving straight. i went few more miles driver and passenger both airbag turns off and car was basically rolling death trap…. lemme know if u wanna know more about it😅 its kinda long story

  5. Has anybody done it in a semi? How long did it takr?…me and a team member did it in like 48 hours, in a 65 mph truck…but if you had a non-governed truck, and trailer,,,how fast could they go?

  6. Man the amount of stuff you had to change in your script to avoid legal issues in this video is astounding 😂 dont worry, we all know what you mean

  7. I live in Canada. Does anyone know if there is a Canadian Cannonball style run. I'd love to see a video of other similar records. Like a U.K. north to south record or a European Cannonball. Would be cool to see what is out there.

  8. Hey Ed just not sure if you heard of Martin Vaca, has a repair shop of all kinds of cars in guadalajara MX. He has a show on discovery spanish. Might be but may not be the car you are looking for.I was watching clips of past shows and just out of a glance in the back ground there I saw a grey gold rim F1.

  9. I just want to do the run. Not break a record, not go crazy… I just want to experience doing that route non-stop. Maybe breaking the very first run's record would be icing on the cake for me.
    Thanks for keeping the fire alive, Ed.

  10. back the end of 1989 i was stationed in San Diego, Ca. and needed to return dad's car to him in Syracuse, NY. so i got leave and headed out in the morning up through Vegas, then Denver, KC, into Ohio then NY, solo drive in a 1977 chevy stock build and standard tires ended the trip in Syracuse after 46 hours of driving time and 52 hours after i left
    edit: i did get pulled over in Ohio, but i didn't get a ticket

  11. You should develop an app that combines a timer and GPS data, that is designed intentionally to create markers and check points. That intentionally tracks the cannonball time, and tracks other records.

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