The history of TVR in 4 cars

David Green invites us to take a ride in classic TVR cars of the past as he gets ready for the reveal of the company’s relaunch in 2018. #gwoverdrive

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  1. Not even a single wedge!? Without a doubt the 420SEAC should have been in there. Until recently I owned a 420SE, one of the development cars for the 420SEAC, it'd been in our family for over 20yrs, incredible car and a perfect example of what TVR is/was.

  2. Until today I remember when I was 13 I made my dad to stop by a TVR dealership in the UK just so I could sit in one. I only knew TVR from Gran turismo at that time. Sat in a 350c. The sales lady made me guess where the door handle was and she was so friendly in explaining the stats. Until now I still remember that day. As a huge fan, TVR I wish you the best.

  3. My neighbour had a TVR Griffith, (with the 289 V8, car #1), and it was truly amazing. The newer TVRs are ugly and overpriced…but that’s just my opinion. I’d love to have an OLD one, to join the family of British sports-cars I’ve owned, (2 TR6s, & a 1967 MGbgt w/OD in 3rd & 4th). I love most old British sports cars.

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