The First Electric Car On Street Outlaws – Street Race Talk Episode 228

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  1. Sim obviously any time you can get him or anyone from street outlaws it will help you greatly so take all u can get

  2. Chief again. Then Murder Nova , Shane/ Blackbird Vega..JJ . Trish..Precious..Kye & Lizzy..Do interviews once a month, Regular show rest of month.

  3. Hell yea, chief, daddy dave, lutz's, shawn Murder nova, as many of the 405 as possible. That would help both parties if you ask me🤷‍♂️. Great video sim!!

  4. Another great video. You should try to get an interview with Ryan or Reaper they seem like complete opposites. I know about hair problems. I had a appointment to get my hair cut and it was 2 days after we got shut down. And the place is closed.

  5. I'd like to see a interview with chuck, or reaper. I know reaper isn't the most liked guy but he's down to earth and really a good dude when you actually watch his channel.

  6. For some reason I unsubscribed a while back , but after listening to you on this show I'm back and subscribed and look forward to seeing what you have in the future
    Also have been following Shawn and Customs 187 and him and his son working on the 71 or 72 Chevelle. After listening to Big Chief talking about Shawn, it fits perfectly with his working from his shop at home with his son and his car reinforces the idea that he's a true family man which is great. Keep up the great work you're doing and I'll be watching you all the time Sim. p.s. your crazy hair fits right in with these crazy times we're all going through. Peace brother. 😎

  7. Hey sim I wanted to leave a comment last video but hey I procrastinated lol…it's so cool that cheif reached out to you for those interiews it's just proof hard work pays off…and how cool is it that cheif is still real enough to want to do that video with you he knows what that meant to you and I think that was totally awesome on his part…way to go !!!!!

  8. You should try to get Shawn on your next show see what he says about the questions chief answered for your video! Then try to get somd of the other 405 guys

  9. SIM

    GO CHECK OUT THIS CHANNEL: Street Outlaws No Prep Talk it shows Jeff Lutz new car it looks like a new GTO or Pontiac maybe even a 2004ish Impala not sure tell me what u think Jeff Lutz says he will b testing it soon he shows all this on his Facebook Lutzracecars

  10. Bring-on others to interview: Shawn, Daddy Dave, Birdman, Kye Kelley, Big & Lil Country, 2-buck Chuck, Brian "Chucky", Axeman, Disco Dean, Bill Lutz, Turtle, Dough Boy, Ryan Martin. . . . .

  11. Why not ask Farmtruck or Asian? They say never meet your heroes, but I get the vibe that they'd probably be pretty cool to have a chat with. ..this time, maybe say "Hello" first, before the interrogation begins. 😉

  12. Sim the yellow mustang boosted had was a 95 to 98 body style unless I missed one good video anyway man like the content

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