The End of America’s List and What Comes Next – Street Race Talk Episode 320

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  1. Chief and Jackie leaving the 405 start their own team. Street outlaws all stars. Chief creates a team of vets from across the country. Team Allstars race other teams though out the country. The final episode team races the 405 with murder nova as 405 captain

  2. well Ryan already said in his own video where he had the differential explosion that he was defending his number 1 spot on americas list so it makes sense that he won it overall

  3. The problem is the fact that we know Big Chief walked out on the Americas list and quite frankly Big Chief is a whole show so without him there's nothing to look forward to. Plus the 405 all their relationships seem fake

  4. Everyone knows that Ryan managed to get first place on the list. Sim , if you really know anything about racing, you know that money wins championships, no one spends more money than Ryan Martin and it shows. He has a great team yes and he's fast, keep in mind Sim it's a TV show. I mean keep in mind what happened on mega cash days.

  5. They were doing NPK when you say they were filming americas list, haven’t you ever noticed it’s cold on the americas list show you can see ppl’s breath it’s so cold and everyone is wearing jackets etc…

  6. I had to mute all my street outlaw groups on fb because they ruin America's List. And they whine about the 405 all dam day. I want to enjoy it on TV as well.

  7. You should love the 405 show! Look at money u've made off'a that show! Wow u're in the middle huh? Stop throwing names an shows out'a u're mouth an see how much u make then. Lot of us could do the same but we won't. End of America's list? Really?

  8. What if the whole reason Chief left America's list 2 was because he was gonna do another new show on the DL with small tire guys across the country maybe mega cash days small tire

  9. They need to do a live NPK show. Especially with all those pop up Y.T. channels, that started just to show all the races all for views. All those leaks really took away from the show, last season. Just my opinion tho, TTVE!!!!!

  10. The only reason Ryan Martin is at the top is because of money it's not that he's the best driver he watched the MSO family street racer's beat the break's off of Ryan last year and now this year he changed his moter over to Procharged like the MSO family and he has the richest man in racing backing him

  11. If no Jackie and big chief/ murder Nova / Ryan Martin/ Chuck/ monza / then I’m out on street outlaws! NPK isn’t fun to watch with no Justin and Jackie!

  12. The format of making America's list needs to change. Random draws make no sense. So far 80% of Chucks wins came against same guy(Damon) FAIR WOULD BE – everybody races EVERYBODY twice & then the top 5 cars would be legit

  13. 405 should be set up to race each other (not draws so everyone had to race everyone the same amount. this way you know who is the faster.. if someone draws Fireball, chief and Monza all the time. they odds of wining go down..

  14. One of the things that really has brought things to a boil was Chucks comments about Chielf not being a team player, and what I would love to tell Chuck that it was Chief that as usual coming to the rescue to get Chucks car back on track and able to win rounds, not to mention how Chief has always been the biggest supporter of the fellow racers, he has consistently tried to get the 405 to the top!! But I think with no prep, Memphis, New Orleans, The Dirty south, and all of the expansion shows, discovery would be stupid to let the guy that was the one that started the ball rolling get away!!

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