The Drift Car Back On The Drag Strip! (Results Might Surprise You)

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  1. Coop. My advice is to get yourself a daily beater with a manual transmission.
    It’s not a criticism, just an observation that stick shifting does not come naturally to you.
    It needs constant practice for it to be natural. This will also help your drifting.

  2. For someone who's got some badass cars and has been doing this stuff for this long one would think a guy would be a better driver. Especially when the camaro spun at the Xmas tree race he kept stabbing the throttle barkin the limiter almost putting himself into the wall.

  3. As fun as this looks I’d personally rather see more vids dialing in the camaro. Would love to see that thing dialed and deep in the 7s. Still gonna watch anyway

  4. Hasn't even learned to just drive through the water box then spin your tires not to spin your tires in the actual water box
    Never mind the fact every pass is a mess should have stuck around and learned something before we thought he was good enough to go off on his own

  5. Drag a Drift car is rough, cool points for attempting it plus it looked fun. Heh, everything about that car is geared to overpower the tires (no matter what tire..), and just getting her down the track was impressive. Ignore the hate as always. You know watching 1000 car videos makes them all experts without ever picking up a wrench. Weird how that works….

  6. If these are really gripping the track, why you wheel spinning . You'll get there cooper think 2022 will be a better year, can't wait to see you racing alot more

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