The DRAFT! Testing JangALang at No Prep Kings Race 1 and Draft Day! We got a team!

We made it to Ohio for No Prep Kings Race 1 of Season 6. Testing and working out bugs on JangALang and Drafting a New Team!
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  1. I think he should have gone with Kenny Duttweiler and he would be winning every race Kenny Duttweiler is the Guru of Turbo engines and he is one that loves to be number one and win .

  2. Hopefully, Adam doesn’t have too much of a learning curve for a blower instead of nitrous. I know he’s one hell of a tuner with nitrous a blower . That might be a little bit more of a challenge but I’m sure he will get it.

  3. I know it's only the first track kye you spent all that money and time in that car you should have Kayla beating you just kidding just give me a hard time you'll be on top you always are I just can't believe you can't get the crown all about teams now you would have definitely got crown this year number one they robbed you we're going to do teams

  4. love it but man stop sucking that dick battery that shit is toxic worse than cigs people getting crazy sick from them and praying for your boss Miss Lizzy to do well you have dealt with alot and made it through so yall keep your heads up AND WIN

  5. By far my favorite car. That thing is so loud and violent in person. You sent a bunch of hats up in the air during your burnout

  6. Please race hard man an don't forget to take the time to give Lizzy all your love while you can an hold her tight my mom went thru chemotherapy as well very hard to go thru. But she is a warrior just like my mom is an they both will be just fine. Sending all the love!!
    from a random nobody on the internet.

  7. I seen a video that Reaper posted on the meeting with Big Chief and he said Richard Rawlings and he said him and Chief made amends and both of them are going to be in Street Outlaw's No Prep King's. I wouldn't allow Chief back on the show and Reaper he looks like he has some health isues cause he looks skinny and his face doesn't look good at all. Hope Lizzy is doing better. And good luck Kye and Crew members and family members.

  8. Not looking to start a Family controversy ….. but why has David decided to run a new Charlie Buck powerplant in RedRum instead of the Musi powerplant that Showstopper came with ?

  9. Take it from a insider of the 405 Mr mole keep Ryan away from you that guy and his co defendent ugly foot really stuck it to chief and will do you just the same

  10. Hey Kye my name is David. I've met you out at the drag strip a couple times up in Ohio I just saw the video where you cut Lizzy's hair off. I just want you to know bro you are one hell of a good person and you stick by her she's a good woman. Keep your chin up brother you guys are going to be fine God's in control of all of it

  11. Hey Kye I think your crew and you should join Lizzy by shaving your heads for Lizzy. To show you support to her. I think it would be awesome. I know if it's my significant other I would do it in a heartbeat.

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