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  1. Hey sim how about who would've thought so would be going across the pond to hold an npk event 😉 how cool is that but on the other hand it kinda of sucks cause that was something big chief talked about doing and due to the circumstances that took place that won't happen in this case. As always keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  2. The OG murder Nova is going to Australia on small tires. They took the cars from the cars used at mega cash days. The reason he said that the NPK Nova would be racing NPK again if they were going to Australia. Daddy Dave, Doc and Bobby are not going. Dave has some health issues. I bet that's why the had mega cash days in California. They were already near the port of LA to get the cars in the sea creates. They are racing small tires in Australia.

  3. Shawn should not be going. So many others are so much faster and more consistent than her is. Not a big fan of Robin Robert's going either. Shawn need to park them junk Novas and build a new car or retire.

  4. I think this is a terrible idea. These racers have worked their butts off. And spent so much money and time on their car. Plus time away from their families just doing the show in the States. This is too much to ask of them. You have to remember, while they are getting paid, they aren’t making huge money. I feel bad for them and their families for having to race there. Not to mention the American audience couldn’t care less.

  5. Why didn't you go to PR I do see all the guys and nope reps you should have been there Domingo with all the people you talk about at PRI since you are close🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔👍

  6. I'm very excited for this. Had feeling after FT & A going on visit that is was a very good probability. Excellent choice of fan base. They truly are Fans & perfect to expand the brand. Hoping this leads way to them going to Sweden next….then maybe Puerto Rico, Brazil, Japan etc.

  7. The races in Australia don't count toward NPK. Season. 15 NPK races next year. I bet going to Australia is alone time thing. Or at least not every year. The are loading the cars up this week on containers to get ship over.

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