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  1. I’m still waiting and looking for that video on why the black Sheep mafia is not on street outlaws?????! What is the story sim??????🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤫🤫🤫🤫

  2. It is strange, but Black Sheep Mafia has only been on JJ's shows I believe. We're they on the 1st Mega Cash Days?… I don't remember. I'm waiting to see if they are on the new Fastest In America. Maybe it's a JJ thing with them.

  3. I mean they just signed a contract for 250 more episodes for the street racing shows..I believe jj is going away from what I heard and it's the og 405,America's list and mega cash is part of the new contract and they've 3 season of npk still under contract
    My opinion the small tire shows will peak interest a while..but eventually it'll all have to be done on a track which could be great if the street shows moved around to small sketchy tracks around the country to help them stay open and still bring us racing…jjs hustle racing with jumping and no crossing rules & no concern for safety got people hurt and eventually cost a life.that limited what will b allowed on the street

  4. I’m not that into NPK would rather see the street racing even though it is basically NPK the only difference is NPK is on a track. The street used to be the equalizer and no matter how much you scrape the track it’s never going to be like a virgin road. Sure there’s “more safety” at the track and stands to gather hundreds if not thousands of spectators but them walls are a lot more unforgiving than running off the road into the weeds. Sure some crashes are going to be bad no matter where you are but like I said they’re gonna be bad no matter what track or street. But I guess it’s all about the money when you can have ppl show up to the races and sell them a seat food, drinks, merch and a parking spot it’s always gonna be a “better idea” than running on the streets where you can’t have all that going on. The track will always be faster which is more exiting as well but it’s nice to see cars closer to a caliber that a normal guy could have without the need of sponsors and backers and all that. How many can really afford to put together a $100,000+ car to race?

  5. I don't even watch NPK. It's not street. Looking forward to next springs filming of the 405 small tire. It brings things back into the "affordable " realm.

  6. It wouldn't be hard to go back to real good racing with big Tyres they all have $100.000 cars in their workshops ready to go think about it your unreal

  7. I like the big tire list better. Just wish they would race out of town more. And NPK does better i believe cause the fans get to interact with the drivers and not just watch on TV

  8. Why don't u stop analyzing everything and jus watch the show and enjoy all the stuff your digging into is a turn off so they change to small tire ok Kool they needed they are going to Australia good expand the brand how bout focus on real news instead of contemplating so much sorry sim u need new content

  9. Well for one, the small tire street racing, no prep, back of the track stuff has exploded over the last 5 years or so and I think the OG show is one of the biggest reasons. What that show did for drag racing can’t be overstated. Even though they were running big tires, it did help inspire people who couldn’t afford to put together a competitive big tire car to build a car they could afford to go racing with which brought back the common blue collar car guys.

    As for predicting how this new small tire show will do, is going to be largely dependent on if the viewer can actually relate to what they’re doing which means they CANNOT build full tube chassis “ pro mod “ type cars that the average viewer could never dream of building. Also , a huge component to this will be the variety of cars that race which was also one of the biggest things that helped the OG show. You had a little bit of everything, from an old GTO, NOVA, Vega, Monte Carlo etc. Cars that the viewers could remember either owning or, maybe their dads uncle etc. had or raced . Like ANY “ grass roots” type of endeavor, once you get to the point that the wallet always determines the winner, you start running the risk of losing the interest of your core audience. Another big part of it is how it will show on the tv screen. If the cars LOOK slow to the viewer, that could be an issue. They also need to sign on some of these guys that win races in the real world at sketchy roads and or tracks. They NEED to bring in guys like Beater Bomb, Billy and Tommy from SRC, the Mak Tv crew, KC MAXX etc and give them more than one race on one show . Many of these guys are great “ characters” as well which is another huge component that made the OG show what it was create some rivalries like once existed on the OG show. Now, all of those guys ( except for Chief who could no longer stomach what the show had become) are all kumbya and bestest buddies who mostly swing on Ryan Martins nuts with most of their efforts totally tied to NPK. I DO get it that NPK and the contracts many of those guys have pay the bills but , any street cred they have left is mostly gone. I see many street guys making fun of the OG guys these days. I think they HAVE to bring in new blood and actually highlight those racers and their personalities. Beater for example is a hilarious dude , the interaction between Tommy and Billy would be tv gold ! Point is, the OG 405 guys are so far removed from what they were when the show started that you can’t just rely on them to keep the show going forever. That’s the ONE thing NPK has kinda gotten right. They do bring in new blood and new “characters “ to keep things lively.

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