The Best Budget Drag Car Ever! Pontiac Firebird TransAm Review!

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The F-Body Camaro and F-Body Pontiac Firebird Formula TransAm are some of the best low budget V8 cars in the world. Powered by the insanely simple but effective Chevy LS1 engine, it’s hard to argue with as an easy budget drag car build since you are definitely not going to be ripping corners in this car anytime soon. These cars truly shine in a straight line, and with a ton of power potential with minor mods you can’t go wrong. So what else about the Transam do I want to talk about? Let’s take an in depth deep dive on this car and what I think it could be used for. Thanks for watching!

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  1. What would be the hp rating at the wheels, on stock Ls1 with lid , exhaust and tune? Any input would be appreciated. Anyone dyno with those mods.

  2. The 4th generation Trans Ams are the best looking cars. God I love the 98-02 WS.6 model years. I used to own a 1996 Trans Am, but sold it in 2010. 98-02 Trans Ams are becoming so expensive, that I just can't justify buying one so I'm seeing for a 98-02 W68 Firebird.

  3. Firebird>>>>>Camaro. I loved my T-tops. I had a sub in the back so I always just put them in the back seat. Plus I could take them off and put them in the back seat without leaving the drivers seat.

  4. i've had my WS6 since 2006. Bought from the original owner. Kept her clean. I get more thumbs up driving it than I get in my WR Blue STI. And I can't blame em.

  5. It's a Formula with a Trans Am rear hatch. No Trans Am had cloth seats, or that front bumper cover (not to mention the side badges), but it's sort of rare for a Formula to have T-tops as a lot of them were hard tops.

  6. Errors: this is a Formula, not a Trans Am; 2. Puerto Rico is part of the US. 3. It's a hatchback, there is no "trunk" in the usual sense of the word.

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