Tesla Model S Plaid vs BMW S1000RR: DRAG RACE


Today we race the almighty 2021 Tesla Model S Plaid against the 2021 BMW S1000RR Superbike ridden by @Max Wrist ! Is the tesla quick enough to beat a liter bike? Find out in todays video!

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  1. 5 seconds into the video and you're already telling lies. Can the Model S do a 1/4 mile in less than 4 seconds? Didn't think so. It is indeed the fastest accelerating production car from 0-60 mph. But there are also tons of modified street cars that can do well under 9 seconds in a 1/4 mile. Sorry but it drives me nuts how much people fuck this up lol. Great video though. Thanks

  2. Chris Moore was very close to beat Plaid with stock restricted zx14r , I think Zx14r w nice a nice tune and totally de restricted would take care of the Plaid …

  3. Beautiful car. My son just bought one if those Tesla’s. He always loved speed! If you see one of these cars in a blur passing you up in Las Vegas…it’s probably him!

  4. Kurwa, kolejny kierowca motocykla który dusi silnik na starcie, jak chcesz pokazać start na motocyklu to na 600ccm trzymaj obroty od 8-10krpm połóż się na baku i puszczaj sprzęgło ślizgając, jak masz 1000ccm zacznij od 5krpm i trzymaj obroty na tym poziomie. Trzeba trzymać odkręcony gaz cały czas bez wahania i puszczać sprzęgło, czy to takie trudne?

  5. 3:35 Absolute nonsesne he's intentially short shifting the crap out of the bike😂😆. I know how fast the plaid is you need a 200hp bike to stay with it, but im not stupid buddy short shifts it almost every time. then you say you're doing a "roll" and start at 20mph lmao because you know damn well that tuned beamer will beat it from a roll not even a question. I love the plaid but the bike is faster everywhere over 60mph

  6. Hahaha he put it in drag mode and had to wait for the car 😂 what a joke. Put the plaid up against any top trim EV from the VW group and it will lose 100p on the track. Taycan’s and E-tron motors are derived from Porsche’s 24 hour le man race cars. You can torture them all day long and you won’t have to wait for the car to “cool down” like the 💩 teslas because the motor and platform literally was built withstand 24 hours of continuous use. God I hate Tesla.

  7. Lol…little cheapo Tesla (Plaid isnt even a word)…a nerd car for underpaid software nerds…everybody makes fun of TEsla drivers… And regular Tesla is basically a Prius from 10 years ago,,,

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