Tesla Gigapress Maker IDRA Shows New Photo Saying Gigapress Will Make Motor Rotors

IDRA, the supplier of Tesla’s Giga Press, has hinted at another disruptive machine that might be used by key clients like Tesla. IDRA posted an image on its official LinkedIn account of a component of a new machine that would be producing electric motor rotors. The compact machine is a new innovation in the die-casting industry and is painted in colors similar to those that have been delivered to Tesla.

While it is yet to be seen if Tesla will acquire such a machine from IDRA, the electric vehicle maker would probably need such a contraption when it starts production of its compact electric car, which will be produced in Gigafactory Mexico. This vehicle, which is expected to be priced at around $25,000, is expected to see more production than the Model Y and Model 3 combined.

Tesla’s compact car will be produced on the company’s next-generation platform, which is designed to be significantly more efficient to produce than the Model 3 and Model Y. The platform will enable a 50% reduction in costs, as noted by Tesla CFO Zachary Kirkhorn during the 2023 Investor Day event. This means that the total cost of ownership of Tesla’s next-gen car will also be lower than the company’s vehicles today.

The new machine from IDRA is an exciting development in the die-casting industry, and it could potentially revolutionize the production of electric motor rotors. It remains to be seen if Tesla will acquire the machine, but if they do, it would be a significant step towards reducing production costs and improving the efficiency of their manufacturing process. Tesla’s compact car is expected to be a game-changer in the EV industry, and with this new machine from IDRA, it looks like Tesla is pushing the boundaries of innovation once again.


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  1. That is just not true. He claims to "have heard a trucker" complaining. Just ask the Tesla Semi drivers. Soon there will be others as Tesla completed the 100 tSemi's to Pepsico.

  2. More and more of truckers paperwork is digital based on what I’ve read. This might be solved by one of those grabbers as the front windows can be lowered.

    Put your paperwork on a stick to get through quick.

  3. That's wrong. Most trucking now do their paperwork electronically. In some case it is geofenced on approach. Amazon went to this some years ago the industry has follow this trend. So there is no huge line of trucks waiting to have their paperwork looked at.

  4. Center seat window access is very minor.
    The Tesla Semi is not a sleeper. It has no living area behind the seat. Mud is hardly a factor. Snow, salty slush will dirty the cab more often than mud.

  5. That's stupid. you are just adding a couple seconds, to get out of your seat, and then get back in your seat. If there is a line of trucks behind you that is going to barely inconvenience anyone.

  6. They want to radically charge the trucking industry, there will be pushback from drivers used to the same thing. But I think this is a better product longterm.

  7. Paperwork will be done digitally today. The old way will not work anyway if a left-side driven truck drives in a right-side state etc.

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