Street Racing at the Mexico BORDER – Police, Wheelies, and $16,000 Pot!

Another MASSIVE Cash Days in the books! Not only was this a big 32 car cash days, it was RIGHT NEXT to the BORDER WALL of the U.S. and Mexico! A legendary small tire Cash Days street race at one of the coolest locations we’ve ever been to! This street was prepped to the max, resulting in some inanely fast passes and of course some HUGE wheelies!

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  1. Damn didn’t know this went down and I’m in chula. Badass video, just wondering why they go running behind the car like they’re actually pushing it? LOL

  2. Seeing "Nor Cal Streets" Z not get in (with no drop outs here while other guy got in because of a drop out) was awesome. After seeing him "I'll fight anyone who tries to move my car" at another race.

  3. See some cops are fucking cool. I work with cops every day on my details and a lot of them are like fucking super down to earth good guys to know man, Weymouth mass, Hingham mass, Rockland good cops, good people.

  4. Fuck me do that was the nastiest street really ever like that car is cranked way too high. Need to get on the fucking computer and take some of that out of that. That car is fucking dangerous.

  5. Battle of the Boarders fucking awesome federal police let u race all night super cool they like you fucking finish your whole night no trouble super bad ass

  6. That wouldn’t have been a red light ON the track, to cut a ‘perfect’ light you HAVE to let off the button shortly before the light comes on. Nate got tree’d plain and simple…however, sense there is no tree and/or red light laser the tire crack rule comes into play ON the street. Almost perfect ‘guess’ on that light 🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. Its not even "the wall" when the only purpose is to act as shade and wind barrier. Lol. The democrats make the illegal aliens sign a peice of paper to vote for the democratic party when they enter!

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