Street Races in South Africa!!! 308 S02E01CRAZY M135I's + Big Burnouts!!

What’s up ladies and gentleman!!

What a great turnout it was last night (2019-06-16) at the 308 Street Cartel drag races!

What an awesome way to kickstart the new Season of Racing!

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DISCLAIMER: I did mix up the White BMW in the videos the “240i” is in fact a 320i. My apologies!


  1. For the first time proper organized street races..Well done where is this would like to bring my SAAB to take on BMW 135.

  2. This should be made into a proper sport with written rules, lots of funding and good cameras.. Racing and cars is part of SA culture!!

  3. the flaggers a fucking idiot ..he should stand in one fucking spot keep the light up and switch it on nd off …him raising his arm up nd moving is Making everyone jump…might as well do an arm drop since everyone is doing "chase is a race" ..the flashlight is not to be cool its to be precise and avoid false starts

  4. Virtually Vids please give me the Instagram handles of the guys Driving the M135i I'm about to purchase one and would like to tune is ….I'm based In JHB

  5. Is this suppose to be SA version of STREET OUTLAWS? Omg! this is just embarrassing I'm ashamed to be South African after seeing this. I hope the guys from 405 don't see all these slow ass cars.

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